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Have a drink

"Ir de tapas", or peck delicious regional and national specialties, is also an opportunity to sip a good wine or a foamy beer (the "caña"). The approach is very comparable to our aperitif and is not restrictive on the quantities of drinks or food! You can indeed dine and quench your thirst extensively: it takes between 0,90 and 2 euros for beer accompanied by a salty delicacy of your choice. Van Dyck street (not far from Zamora square is quite welcoming and its many "cerveceria", will be happy to serve you beers but also cocktails and other wines and liqueurs).

"El bambu", near the Plaza Mayor, offers a particularly friendly and welcoming setting. The typical (if not by the name but at least by the atmosphere) "Birdland", installed in a high and large building in the city center has the pleasant particularity of overlooking the hustle and bustle of the street below from its glazed balconies .

Go out late...

When night comes, wiggle your hips to the frenzied rhythm of incisive rock derivatives (hard rock, punk, metal, or more relaxing rock pop) becomes possible in the small street leading to San Justo square, a traditional gathering place for "botellon". (street aperitif). It is accessed from the Plaza Mayor, by heading to the far left of the square (when you have the town hall behind you) and taking the small steps downhill.

Other musical tastes are satiable in these surroundings and one will also find clubs with more general and commercial music. The best thing is still to discover for yourself, do not hesitate for a moment to enter from right to left to find a room that suits you.

Jean-Baptiste Gibily

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