Oman identity card

Oman identity card

- Official name : Sultanate of Oman.
- Area: 309 500 km² Population:  Capital city : Muscat (Muscat).
- Density The Head of É Population: 75% d & rsquo Dominant religion: Islam, mostly Languages: l & rsquo Change : the Omani rial.
- Main activity UNESCO World Heritage Sites: Bahla Fort (inscribed in 1987) Khutm and Al-Ayn (1988); the Land of Frankincense (2000); the Aflaj irrigation systems of Oman (2006); the ancient city of Qalhât (2018).


Since the beginning of the 2000s, the Sultanate of Oman has seen its economy develop on a large scale, boosted by theoil exploitation. hydrocarbons (oil and gas) constitute a major activity of the Sultanate of Oman. They constitute 60% of export revenues, and 75% of budgetary revenues.
Despite a lack of infrastructure for its delivery, oil accounts for nearly 80% of the country's exports. Oil revenues, boosted by the rise in oil prices, have enabled significant investments in infrastructure : roads, hospitals, schools, water treatment ... It is reported that Oman is not a member of OPEC.

The sultanate is trying to to diversify its production and quoshore activities.

Oman is also developing tourist facilities, including large hotel complexes. The tourism is the 2nd sector contributing to the GDP behind oil.

Following the Arab Spring of 2011, a democratization process began, with demands for the fight against corruption, a better distribution of wealth and a rise in living standards. Of social measures have been put in place.

Little affected by the international financial crisis, Oman recorded growth between 0 and 5% depending on the year. The increase in hydrocarbon prices automatically has a positive impact on growth.

Demographic imbalances (nearly half of the population is under 25), inequalities and unemployment are major challenges for the Omani economy.

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