Norway cheap Norway

Norway cheap Norway

Life is (very) expensive in Norway, and this concerns all expense items : accommodation, food, transport ... and each year there are tariff increases of 10 to 300%.

Be aware, however, that reductions are often granted in museums or for transport to children, students (ISIC card essential) and senior citizens (but from 3 years old). So don't hesitate to ask (pensjonist means "retired" and Honnørbillett "reduction 67rd age").

- The most remote solution, do not neglect the boat solution, from Germany (Kiel) in particular. It can be very expensive in high season, but extremely interesting out of season, and you save a big day on the roads (with gasoline and the tolls that go with it!).

- The most economical solution if you are traveling alone: InterRail card (for children under 28) and camping (tent) or AJ.

How to avoid the inconveniences of high cost of living?

You can control because it gives a lot of freedom, but be careful with the fuel budget. You can also go hiking or biking and wild camping, if you are well equipped. Fishing at sea on the coast. Buy your food in a supermarket and dine in a pizzeria or an Asian restaurant. Forget the existence of wine and quit smoking ...

Where to stay inexpensive in Norway?

Norway is a country with a very high standard of living. The most economical: campsites with cabins, these furnished cabins, often well equipped, are an interesting formula for couples, families and groups of friends ... Possibly also the AJ, without age limit, with dormitories, double rooms, triples ... The hotels are very expensive, but a little less in summer, when there are promotions on their websites.

Cheap train in Norway

By booking online, you can get a ticket at a mini price (minipris). To get these tickets (available approximately 3 months before the departure date), it is best to book as soon as possible, the price to pay increases as the travel date gets closer. Unable to book for the same day. The last deadline to do so is the day before departure. Better to buy it on the Internet than at the counter, because then you have to pay extra.
A supplement of 50 Nok per ticket and per person is charged when purchasing a mobile phone.
Please note, like our Prem's tickets, they cannot be returned or exchanged.

The passes

For those who plan to travel by train in Norway, we recommend using a pass.

- The purchase of the InterRail pass allows free travel during a given period and under certain conditions. Be careful, you will have to pay for reservations in addition, when they are required, which is frequent.

Purchases: duty free

It turns out really interesting to recover VAT in a country where it amounts to 25% for everyday products and 15% for food! If you make at least 315 Nok of purchases in the same store (290 Nok in the case of food), ask for a Global Blue slip to be filled out for you.

When you leave the country, go to the reimbursement counter (they are indicated on the forms) and on presentation of your passport, the completed slip, sales receipts and your purchases in their original packaging (in a period of 1 month), you will be stamped the slip so that the VAT is refunded to you, in cash (in crowns or euros) or by bank transfer.

Some stores clearly state Tax-free on their storefront, but others don't, even though they do, so don't hesitate to ask. And if you are more than one, you can also spend your purchases on a single name to reach the required sum.

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