Normandy thematic itineraries

Normandy thematic itineraries


The Middle Ages, a period of greatness for the Duchy of Normandy, left many beautiful testimonies. First of all, magnificent abbeys:

  • that of Mont-Saint-Michel, of course,
  • but also those of Caen,
  • of the Wandrille valley)
  • or Vexin (Mortemer Guérard abbey).

Then fortified castles (in any case their remains):

  • Gisors
  • Cliff
  • Le ChâGaillard in Les Andelys.

The superb cathedrals:

  • Coutances
  • Sees
  • Rouen
  • Bayeux.
  • Bayeux, which houses the famous tapestry, is also a charming city, one of the few in this corner of Normandy to have been spared by the bombings of the summer of 1944.
  • In Rouen, lovers of medieval history will be delighted: the city where Joan of Arc was tried and burned has a unique museum dedicated to the saint: the Historial.
  • More preMeChurch.
  • Who says war, says reconstruction: impossible to get around Le Havre Listed as World Heritage by Unesco for its unique architecture by Auguste Perret.

Cheap Normandy

In many places, Normandy is an open-air museum:

  • the old quarters of Rouen,
  • Perret's architecture in Le Havre,
  • the villas of the Côte Fleurie,
  • the charming villages of the Pays d'Auge
  • the landing beaches.
  • The trèMaine in Carrouges is free, for its part; thanks to it, you will better understand the natural, cultural and architectural environment of this beautiful regional natural park.

For the walk or the idleness, you will be spoiled for choice on the beach side.

  • We never tire of contemplating the white cliffs of the Alabaster Coast and this incredibly green sea.
  • On the other hand, for the ChaMaritime.
  • You will find a more Parisian and more chic atmosphere on the Côte Fleurie,
  • more family-friendly and local on the Côte de Nacre or in La Manche.
  • For the eBail.

With family, with children

  • In general, children love the D-Day Landing beaches (yes, again!), Where they can climb on tanks and run among batteries and pillboxes.
  • But there are also those who will annoy you to go to the zoo! Luckily, that of Champrepus or the animal park of Clères should appeal to parents as much as children.
  • More cultural: the farm-museum or the Vendeuvre castle and its museum of miniature furniture as well as its astonishing collection of dog kennels.
  • La City of the Sea in Cherbourg to immerse yourself in the world of the oceans and the great epic of the Transatlantic, the Ludiver in Tonneville in the Hague to better understand our solar system will capture the attention of toddlers.

Another possibility: follow in the footsteps of William the Conqueror. Among the essentials:

  • Falaise castle
  • and, above all, the Bayeux tapestry.
  • Normandy is also the first resur-Mer, the Paléospace is partly dedicated to them.
  • But if your offspring, c & rsquoCarteret for sailing activities. Does he prefer the bike?
  • Go to Paris in the country of Bray.

Nature and gardens

Green, Normandy is not lacking! But do you want your green natural or domesticated?

  • CôMaritime is particularly rich, with an astonishing concentration of parks as in the surroundings of Ry.
  • In the Battle.
  • The Cotentin, in the Manche, is also home to a few pearls, including the park of the Ravalet castle in Cherbourg or the Vauville botanical garden.
  • If you prefer nature, Orne and Eure both still have very beautiful forests, like those of Lyons, La Trappe or Bellême to name just 2.
  • Finally, if you want to add a touch of blue to the green, the magnificent 80 km customs path between Urville-Nacqueville and Surtainville at Cap de la Hague awaits you.
  • And then there is also the Pays d'Auge, the Suisse Normande, the regional natural parks and so on.

Normandy is so green! And it can be traveled on foot, on horseback or by bicycle!

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