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From the cliffs to the grove, from the villages of the Pays d'Auge to the modernity of Le Havre, from Mont-Saint-Michel to Étretat, Normandy offers its visitors and many admirers a beautiful diversity of landscapes and atmospheres. With, for common point, their beauty and their generosity, those which seduced among others the impressionist painters. Discover our favorites in this magnificent region of France ...

Giverny: water lilies in Monet's gardens and the Impressionism museum

A plunge into the very heart of Monet's imagination: the house and the gardens have their original appearance and, at any time, the master is expected to appear. No original work of the painter, we come to admire the superb flower gardens: the orientalist water garden, where the artist painted the Water Lilies, and, closer to the house, the “Norman enclosure”. Directly opposite, the Musée des Impressionnismes programs superb exhibitions on this major artistic movement.

Old Rouen, with its intact charm

Besides the splendid cathedral, the superb churches and other small wonders to discover, the Old Rouen charm with its pretty half-timbered houses, sometimes opulent, sometimes rickety: the city is home to no less than 2!

Jumièges, the romantic abbey

One of the nuggets of Seine-Maritime, in a magnificent 15 hectare park. Although largely in ruins, Jumièges Abbey nonetheless retains a majestic presence. The imposing Notre-Dame church retains its entire facade flanked by two towers and most of the nave. The impression is grandiose in this open-air church. Here and there, we can see vaults and Gothic chapels added in the XNUMXth century. Enchanting.

Le Havre and the town planning of Auguste Perret

Unique architecture classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The city center of Le Havre, 85% razed to the ground during World War II, was rebuilt over twenty years by Auguste Perret. Stripped down, the concrete architecture appears austere at first, but you quickly understand why it is good to live in this city. The impression of space, the sea air, its dynamism, but also its interesting museums ... An extraordinary city

The cliffs of Étretat and the Alabaster coast, Norman icons

Almost a legend, as the chalk arch plunging into the sea is one of the images anchored in our memories. Without forgetting this needle, just behind, of which Arsène Lupine tries to unravel the secret in one of his adventures… We never tire of discovering the cliffsEtretat under the changing lights from dawn to dusk. Then, we can spin on the Alabaster coast and drop anchor in the authenticity of the port of Fécamp.

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Honfleur and the Fleurie coast, picturesque seaside

The cutest, the craziest, the most photogenic of the small Norman ports: Honfleur, with its unique character, its interior basins, its old rigs and its big fishing boats, its old houses with slate scales, its bell tower and its alleys ... And all along the coast, the splendor of the Norman resorts of Deauville and Cabourg, but also the old-fashioned charm of Houlgate et Trouville, or the lesser known Blonville, Villers-sur-Mer, Villerville, Cricquebœuf... We are here in one of the paradises of impressionist painters.


Pointe du Hoc and the Landing beaches, so you don't forget

Set in a superb landscape, the Pointe du Hoc, this steep cliff often beaten by the winds, was chosen by the Germans for the establishment of a powerful battery of guns. The heroic capture of the site by the American rangers of Colonel Rudder made the assault on Pointe du Hoc one of the most famous pages in the history of the D-Day landings. The site has remained more or less as it is, that of a battlefield where ruined bunkers, bomb craters and concrete riddled with bullets mingle. Then, explore the coast and its superb beaches, places for walks, swimming, but also from memory, whose visit can be completed by that of the Caen Memorial.

Saint-Vaast-la-Hougue, port of La Manche and capital of the oyster

Important marina and fishing port, Saint-Vaast-la-Hougue is also a renowned oyster center. In front of Tatihou Island, the gently sloping seabed allows the ocean to retreat very far into the foreshore area. 12 m underwater, oyster farming is filtered by the most violent currents in Europe. It is an oyster with a particularly iodized taste.

Cap de la Hague and the port of Goury: Normandy Finistère

We are used to comparing The Hague to an Ireland in miniature, a piece of escaped Armorica, Finistère closest to Paris, a real end of the world falling abruptly into the Raz Blanchard. It almost has to be drizzling, windy. Indeed, in good weather, at low tide, its dramatic side fades. The dunes of Biville offer a breathtaking spectacle, but it is also one of the oldest dune massifs in Europe.

The country of Coutances, along the roads

The country of Coutances : a superb bocage region where it is good to get lost in the maze of small roads. We then discover the castle of Cerisy-la-Salle, overlooking a small tributary of the Soulles, with a severe and rigorous architecture. Then theHambye Abbey, large majestic stone skeleton giving off an impression of elevation, of grace, with its open vaults. Before arriving at The whale, adorable hamlet nestled in the Siena valley. Do not miss the andouillerie in the Siena valley to taste the best of the best smoked andouille.

Mont-Saint-Michel and its bay, a taste of eternity

Already in the Middle Ages, pilgrims crossed the bay to reach the famous Mount, the sight of which remains an enchantment, a mirage, whatever the hour, the color of the sky and its mood. The approach is particularly magical very early in the morning or in the evening. To the pleasure of its discovery is added that of exploring the coastline of its bay, which is divided between Normandy and Brittany.

La Roche d'Oëtre, jewel of Norman Switzerland

La Roche d'Oëtre is undoubtedly the most curious and the most beautiful natural site in all of Normandy Switzerland. It is a kind of deep basin, drowned in trees as far as the eye can see, where the Rouvre, a small tributary of the Orne, has managed to make its way. You absolutely have to go down to a lower terrace to discover the local postcard: the rock supporting the terrace evokes a human profile.

The Camembert route, in the footsteps of a gourmet treasure

By adorable little roads, we explore the Pays d'Auge ornais, a subtle grove where gentle hills and cozy valleys alternate. A blessed country, with cows slumbering in the meadows, doll villages, crisp half-timbered houses. And then, inevitably, we stop at Camembert, a tiny village clinging to the side of a hill, with a name that has traveled around the world several times. From Camembert, you are only fifteen kilometers from Livarot and fifty from Pont-l'Évêque… enough to spend a perfumed day!

The Bohin factory, Norman industrial heritage

This factory is the last in France to manufacture needles, and the museum created around the factory is superb. In addition to learning everything about the manufacture of needles, you will discover the universe of the Risle and the industries that this river gave birth to. Not to mention the space devoted to the founder of this factory, Benjamin Bohin, a sacred character!

The route of the manors of Perche, in the heart of nature

Charming landscapes of bocage and forests, manors for the most part from the Renaissance, "quiet roads" to be traveled at your own pace, superb hiking routes, pretty villages and unspoiled areas of the Perche regional natural park… Without forgetting the beauty of a Percheron manor hidden behind its clump of trees or nestled in a fold in the relief. About 500 mansions were built from the XNUMXth to the XNUMXth century; there are only a hundred left today.

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