New Zealand Identity Card

New Zealand Identity Card

- Area: 268 680 km² Population: 4 inhabitants (926 estimate).
- Capital city : Wellington, on the Density Main towns : the population is urbanized Head of l & rsquo Governor General Prime Minister : Jacinda Ardern, since October 2017.
- Political formations: Parliament, the only chamber represented Change : the neze dollar Languages: English and Maori are the 2 official languages.
- Religions: Protestantism, Anglicanism, Catholicism.
- Ethnicities: the NéZé UNESCO World Heritage Sites: Tongariro National Park (1990) West (1990) New Zealand Antarctic (1998).


Traditionally agrarian and Tournézélandaise made in the years 1980 and 1990 a long transition towards a market economy more industrialized and diversified. The liberalism was introduced by a series of measures.

The primary sector employs only 4% of the working population. Theagriculture (dairy products, meat, wood, fruits and vegetables, seafood, wheat, barley, fishery products) represents nearly 6% of the GDP. Fishery and horticultural products are widely exported. The country is therefore very dependent on prices of agricultural products and the international economy. The trade plays a major role in the national economy with the export of agricultural products.

THEindustry (wood, food processing, mining, transport equipment, construction and prefabricated houses) represents almost 20% of the GDP, and employs roughly the same share of the working population (2018 estimate).

- services, flourishing sector (financial services, real estate services, tourism and catering, foreign trade.

The rate of chôZélande has a high standard of living.

Little riddle: did you know why the zealanders? It is the result of an amicable agreement in 1985 (through Margaret Thatcher) to pass the bad pill of the Rainbow Warrior (the Greenpeace ship sunk by the French secret services in the port of Auckland).

In 2019-2020, the growth hovers around 3%. It is supported by consumption, by the dynamism of tourism and agriculture.

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