New York Identity Card

New York Identity Card

- Population: 8,6 million inhabitants, including 1,7 million living Area: New York is composed Mayor: Bill de Blasio (de Number of visitors:  Chô rate Unesco World Heritage Site: Statue of Liberty.


2nd world financial center aprèYorkais), united, crémandat in 2018, it could even boast of an annual growth of 3,1%!

1st flourishing sector, new technologies, became the 2nd high-tech pop.
The giants of the Internet (Facebook, Google, Twitter) have set up their offices in New York and Amazon has opened several bookstores and shops in the city ... In 2017, New York also inaugurated on Roosevelt Island the most expensive campus in the world (funded in part by philanthropist Michael Bloomberg, the city's former mayor): the technological university Cornell Tech, intended to compete with the famous MIT, in Massachusetts.

Other driving sectors, including at the global level: insurance, health United, not to mention United, the Big Apple has enjoyed an uninterrupted increase in the number of jobs created in 2018 ...

But what does New York carbide on? It is based above all on a formidable pool of young graduates from all over the world.
Add to this its strong power of attractiveness, its new "green" face (New York is at the top of the world ranking of “green” financial centers!), A gastronomy in full revolution and cultural effervescence ... All this translates into a tourist numbers still on the rise, now exceeding 65 million visitors, including a quarter of foreigners.

As always, the MeYorkers live below the poverty line and as many are not far from it, or nearly 40% of the population! The current democratic mayor Bill of Blasio has made the fight against these inequalities the main focus of his mandate.

In 2018, 63 people, including 000 children, would be homeless. However, the mayor's plan to create 24 additional reception places is still stagnating ... As for the middle classes, they are fleeing the prices of Manhattan to settle at Brooklyn, the El Dorado des Bobos which has become the city's new artistic and nocturnal center.
A "two-speed" New York therefore, in the words of the mayor. But the minimum wage was already raised significantly at the end of 2017 and it is expected to increase further by 2021.

New York must also deal with the anger of nature. In 2012, theHurricane Sandy hit the city hard, leaving behind a heavy human and economic toll. But it gave the opportunity to launch vast projects along the 800 km of coastline of the city ...

The Big Apple is not a city to let itself be destroyed and everything is being rebuilt, rehabilitated, like a World Trade Center brand new out of the ground in just 10 years!

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