Nantes identity card

Nantes identity card

- Population: 305 inhabitants for Nantes, and 000 for Nantes Mé Mayor: Johanna Rolland (Socialist Party Atlantic Port Nantes-Saint-Nazaire: 1st French port Lily of the valley : May 1 thrush comes from Green spaces : 37 sqm Culture : one of the most dynamic cities in France.
- University Transport: last Brownfields: 1st city in In 1987: launch of the last boat from the Nantes shipyards.

Is Nantes Breton?

The common subject of this then a question of language ? We spoke about Anne, who welcomed the “strong in Nantes industry. The rector of the parish was even obliged to be bilingual: frankis / brezonec.
With "Historic Brittany", we get to the heart of the matter: the answer is fully affirmative! How Nantes could not be in Brittany when we know that at the end of the 80th century 1461% of Breton laws and edicts were signed in Nantes at the time of François II and that the first Breton university was created in Nantes in XNUMX?
The castle and the cathedral bring us to the "Climate Brittany" : if the Nantes buildings are high in tufa, their base is in granite because, resting on the Armorican Massif, the granite serves to trap the humidity due to an oceanic climate.

A hard decision to swallow

Finally, is she from Brittany?
RéInféil that Loire-Atlantique is once again in administrative Brittany?  


First support and IT services have deNazaire is asserting itself more and more for the development of a European metropolis the size of the estuary.

Transport, port and airport

Infrastructures have played Saint-Nazaire is the fourth Utile (LU).
Another must-see in the Nantes landscape is the Beghin Say factory in Nantes. It has refocused Michel and BN (Biscuiterie Nantes).
Shipbuilding is cyclical, but in the collective unconscious, the Saint-Nazaire shipyards remain the industrial symbol of the estuary.
We know less that there are two Airbus factories in Loire-Atlantique. And who would suspect that the Pays de la Loire region is the leading European concentration for woodworking trades?

Studies, research and industry

Saint-Nazaire has enabled the establishment of more than 20 jobs.
Nantes is at the heart of the third French region for market capitalization, with 10% of French employment in the finance, banking, insurance sector, etc.


One might think that the Saint-Nazaire pilot can only be caught by including the strong cultural data. major events in Nantes have become a powerful engine for the image of the city.
If they do not generate as much turnover as heavy industries, the tourism and cultural professions have taken their place in the local economy.

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