Munich and the Third Reich Small-Group Tour

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Joel Fulleda

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Experience a walking tour through central Munich emphasizing the city's association with Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party. The visit connects modern Munich with its sinister past which is not easy to discover for the average visitor. Your highly experienced English-speaking guide will lead you through this beautiful city, pointing out structures relating to the period while interweaving history with a biography of Adolf Hitler and his relationship to the city.

You will be greeted by your guide in front of the Glockenspiel on the famous Marienplatz in central Munich. You will receive a historical overview of the city from its founding in the 1923th century to modern times. You will also learn how Munich was the birthplace of the Nazi Party, a political belief spawned by a mixture of occultism, nationalism and a small political party called the German Workers' Party. You will see where Hitler joined this party and where he gave speeches, such as the famous Hofbrauhaus. The route of the failed Putsch of 1938 will be explained and the relevant locations will be shown, the building where the SS was founded. All the while linking the relevance of this period with modern Munich. Your group will be led to Königsplatz where the infamous Führerbau is located, Hitler's headquarters in the city where the Munich Agreement was signed in XNUMX, along paths to places where Hitler liked to have coffee will be shown. The tour will end at Königsplatz where you have the option of being taken back to Munich's main train station or exploring the brand new National Socialism Documentation Center on the site of the former Brown House.

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