Montreal transportation and travel

Montreal transportation and travel

Subway and bus

You can get around Montreal quickly and easily by combining these 2 means of public transport. Bus and metro networks are fully interconnected ; we go from one to the other for free (remember to keep your tickets for connections, they are valid for a period of 2 hours).

The meanings and holidays all day, except on the occasion of certain events. Free plan in the stations, also indicating the metro connections with the “underground city”.

The buses crisscross Montreal and its surroundings generally from 5 a.m. to 15 or 1 a.m. depending on the line and the day. Be careful with the frequencies of the buses, which sometimes take a little while.

- Prices for basic tickets: approximately $ 3,50 for a single ticket (this is the only ticket sold on board the bus, the others can be purchased at stations or points of sale), $ 6,50 for 2 units ; Free for children under 5. The STM also offers pass for 1 day ($ 10) and 3 consecutive days ($ 19,50).

- OPUS card: for all other packages, it is essential to have the Opus card, a card at 17 and 65 and over, even for the monthly fee (valid from the 1st to the 31st of the month end (valid from Friday 16 p.m. to Mon 5 a.m .; $ 14), as well as the evening card, unlimited from 18 p.m., priced at $ 5,50.

  • Info from the STM (Société des transports de Montréal).

On the other hand, for suburban trains in greater Montreal, information from the metropolitan transport network EXO.

Bike or rollerblades

Shown service called April to November and totaling 600 stations across the city. With a payment card, check in at a terminal and then pick up a bike. It's simple and efficient, but be careful, this system was designed for short journeys.
For a trip of less than 30 minutes, count $ 2,95 (reduction for holders of the OPUS transport card), then $ 1,80 for the next quarter of an hour and $ 3 for every additional 15 minutes. If you are planning several rides, the $ 5,25 package allows unlimited use of the bikes for 24 hours (but always for trips of less than 30 minutes, otherwise you bank!).
Finally, know that you will have to make a "security deposit" of ... $ 100 by payment card!

- cycle paths are well-appointed and respected by motorists and pedestrians alike. The island of Montreal's cycling network is linked to that of the suburbs by equipped bridges, by a ferry service (ferry) and by the metro. In total, nearly 800 km of bike paths crisscross Montreal.


Easy to find a taxi in Montreal. Good to know: ild never charge for their trip to your address when you call a central office: the meter does not start until you get on board; there is also no night supplement.

We advise you COOP, an efficient company. And don't forget the tip if you don't want to get bullied!


Rent a car at ...). However, there is no shortage of rental companies.

To rent a car, you must have at least 20 years, but most agencies charge a supplement ($ 30 per day) for drivers under 25; some even refuse to rent them out.
Whatever the age, having a credit card is essential : it is always required and serves as a guarantee for rental companies.
Please note, some rental agencies refuse "debit cards" (deferred debit) and only accept “credit cards” (immediate debit). However, most of the minimum permits our bank cards (even Gold type) are often so-called "debit" cards.
So, before leaving, check with the rental company and also with your bank for a rental). To know what type of card you have. Because even if you have prepaid your vehicle, you may be refused to collect it if you do not have the right bank card. 

Le French driving license is recognized in Canada (1 year minimum license for a rental).

Winter, ask for vehicles equipped with snow tires (at an additional cost but safer than "4 season" tires).

GPS is rarely included in the rental rate: sometimes charged up to $ 20 per day, a real scam! 

The best is to download the necessary maps for your route on your smartphone when you have the network (or, better, before going to Canada) and touse a navigation app that works offline when you ride.

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