Montreal cuisine, gastronomy and drinks

Montreal cuisine, gastronomy and drinks

Quebec cuisine today

Gone are the days when Quebec cuisine was limited to a few traditional dishes that were very nourishing and invigorating.
Since the beginning of the 2000s, we have witnessed the emergence ofa new fine Quebec cuisine much more sophisticated than traditional classic cuisine. From now on, Montreal has nothing to envy to New York, London or Paris! A new generation of wildly talented and inventive young chefs are working on showcasing the best local products, preferably organic : fish and seafood, lamb, game, vegetables (finally green!), cheeses, seasonal berries ...

Traditional Native American cuisine

In these creative and lighter dishes, do we use products such as boreal spices, rare berries, wild blueberries, or native herbs ... The result is often remarkable even if the prices of this new cuisine are logically higher? than the average. A good point that said, the portions are generous.

Fusion cuisine

Fusion cuisine, appearing on the côsalé and Mediterranean and / or Asian notes.

Organic, vegetarian and vegan cuisine

Organic, vegetarian and vegan cuisine is also widespread and much more imaginative than in Europe. The Mile End and Mile Ex neighborhoods are a living illustration of this very trendy phenomenon. We want to eat well but we only want fresh, healthy and local foods: above all, no “junk food”! The option gluten free is almost always on the menu in these trendy and trendy restaurants.

Ethnic cuisines

Not to be confused with fusion cuisine. Here the culinary identity of each culture remains intact, no crossbreeding with other cuisines! A cosmopolitan city where nearly a third of the inhabitants are immigrants, Montreal offers an impressive choice of restaurants (around 6) serving ethnic cuisine. There are nearly a hundred nationalities there! 

You can enjoy Mexican fajitas as well as Greek souvlakis, Japanese yakitoris or Thai pad thai, not to mention Haitian, Ethiopian, Colombian, Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean, Tibetan cuisines ...
And, unlike Europe, where foreign cuisines are generally adapted to local tastes, Montreal restaurants serve authentic dishes.

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Traditional Quebec cuisine

- Breakfast ("Lunch" in Quebecois) : very generous, it is readily taken outside (at least for those who do not stay in a gîte). Like the American breakfast, this is a real meal, with a wide variety of dishes. The eggs first, fried, scrambled, omelet, etc., served with buttered toast (we say " roasted ”) And potatoes, bacon and sausage. In the genre, the best are the eggs benedict, poached eggs, lying on a toasted round bun and topped with hollandaise sauce, most often with grilled ham or smoked salmon, but there are many variations.
In Quebec, many establishments put the spotlight on local products, such as Charlevoix cheeses, or the famous blueberry pancakes (when it's in season).

- The poutine: nothing to do with the Russian chef, it is one of the emblematic dishes of Quebec. These are fries (soft, quite often) to which we add melted “cheese en crotte”, all topped with brown sauce. Many restaurants are keen to revisit this popular and invigorating dish with quality products.

- Popular North American Cuisine citizen refoods you have to go, but in real restaurants and pubs. One downside, however: the law imposing strict cooking on restaurateurs for minced steaks, blue meat lovers will be disappointed. It is always served medium (point). Even vegetarian restaurants serve burgers, replacing meat with falafels for example.

- Traditional specialties: we no longer find many in Montreal today ... but let's mention the meat pie, made from different meats and sometimes game. The beans with bacon, les soupes of vegetables, broad beans (beans), clams (in chowder) ...
- greaves (the equivalent of our rillettes), or the cretonnade (based on veal or poultry), the Chinese dough, a sort of Parmentier mince to which corn is added. The origin of the name corresponds to a historical reality: it is the dish that gave the most energy to the many Asian workers who built the famous “Trans-Canada” railway line.


Taste the sugar Pie, la pecan pie (pecan nuts), carrot cake and blueberries pie (sort of blueberries) in season. One of Montreal's specialties is unemployed pouding. And finally, the soft ice cream, to dip in chocolate and all kinds of multicolored syrups ...


Craft Beers

Quebec is a big producer of beer. It was the Champagne intendant Jean Talon who, in 1668, produced the first beer in Quebec!

Molson Canadian, meanwhile, has its origins in Montreal in the XNUMXth century. It shares the largest market share with the Labatt Blue.
However, if you are a beer lover, it is not these huge breweries that will grab your attention, but the local microbreweries, which are more than ever on the rise and have multiplied across the country; they can even be found in the most remote corners.

Since all, low in alcohol and refreshing.
- Ale as for them (easy!), are high fermentation beers whose alcohol content is generally higher. A rather vague term ultimately, which encompasses a wide range ranging from Pale ale, a term used to refer to beers brewed with clear malts and which generally give amber beers, with Indian Pale Ale (or IPA).

Ales are nowadays very popular beers for their high alcohol content, their little bitterness and their beautiful orange color. Very trendy among hipsters. Finally, to close the shutter, let us also quote the Porter, English beers with high fermentation, which gave birth to the Stout, caramelized beers, almost black, that true amateurs drink almost hot in order to better reveal the aromas.
And for a final reminder, the abbey beers, drinkable and sweet beers despite their high alcohol content in general. Foams originally made by monks, mainly in Belgium. In all cases, the characteristics of the beers (fruity, bitter, sweet ...) are often described on the menu.


Gone are the days of sock juice. In Montreal, coffee shops and other artisanal micro-roasters a nothing trendy are now commonplace, offering a whole range of coffees made with quality beans: filter coffee, express, Cappuccino (espresso and light milk foam on it), XNUMX cups milk (thicker milk froth). Practical, because they are found everywhere in town, often with a warm setting and a terrace


Bars are prohibited for people under 18, so impossible to take your children there for a drink with you. In general, you will still be allowed to sit outside if there is a terrace (but not guaranteed).

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