Money and budget Spain

Money and budget Spain

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In Spain, l & rsquoou-ro ”) is expressed in euros in the plural and is divided into céntimos.

For those who are concerned (our Swiss and Canadian friends among others), the commissions vary significantly from one bank to another. In general, avoid changing in the banks located in front of monuments and tourist sites.

Banks and ATMs

- Banks are open in moan and on Saturday morning.

- In almost all towns and villages, it is easy to withdraw money in ATMs with MasterCard, Visa and Maestro cards.

Payment cards

They are accepted practically everywhere, except in small pensions and small restaurants. Some campsites also require payment in cash, even for bungalows.

In the euro zone, no bank charges on card payments. Withdrawals are subject to the same pricing conditions as those made in France. They are free for most cards, but some Spanish banks charge a small commission.

Budget in Spain

The crisis is € 40 in low season (and sometimes even in summer!), Including in cities. Nevertheless, these places are not legion any more.

For most accommodations, the notions of high, medium or low season are important. We must of course also take into account the holidays and public holidays which create peaks in demand. At the end of May, June or September, you will make substantial savings on accommodation. Paradoxically, at these times, it is the fanciest hotels that offer the biggest discounts.


The prices are understood, unless otherwise indicated, for a double room with 2 occupants. On the other hand, when we indicate the price of breakfast, it is understood "per person".

- TrèJacques-de-Compostelle, or even private inns Cheap Average prices  Chic: from 80 to 120 €.


You can eat for 12 € 20 in a more chic restaurant. With tapas or raciones, you can also get by without spending too much. Last resort for very small budgets: sandwich shops.

The price ranges indicated below are calculated on the basis of a meal for one person, without the drink.

- Cheap Average prices  Chic: from 25 to 35 €.


If you de20 & eurovous when making your reservation or when you arrive.

Outside of large towns and busy tourist resorts, parking is mostly free and not a problem.

Shopping and souvenirs from Spain

Stores close for the midday break around 13:30 p.m. or 14 p.m., not to reopen until 16 or 17 p.m.

Gone are the days when you could buy lots of things for a handful of pesetas ... Spain, after its integration into the EU in 1986, experienced significant economic development, and its standard of living is today quite close to that of France or Belgium.

However, there are still priced items.

Le pre-wear in Spanish has the wind in its sails, particularly the Galician textile groups such as Inditex and its flagship brand Zara. Even if the price difference is tending to narrow, the boutiques of stylists (many of whom are Galician, such as Adolfo Domínguez, Antonio Pernas, Roberto Verino, Kina Fernández or Purificación García) remain a little less expensive than in France, especially in sales period (rebajas).

Finally, regional productions deserve more than just a glance: traditional leather craftsmanship, ceramics from Buño, Sagradelos or Viveiro, basketwork from Vigo or lace from Camariñas, for example. Epicureans will bring back Galician wines, artisanal preserves from Carril, without forgetting, of course, Asturian cider.

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