Money and budget Russia

Money and budget Russia

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- Currency and the ruble (R). One ruble is divided into 100 kopecks.

- In 2014, the ruble has lost value against other currencies, particularly the dollar and the euro, to the point of creating a sense of panic in the face of what economists have called the ruble crash.

During 2018, 1 euro was exchanged for around 75 rubles. It is on this basis that our conversions have been calculated. For our Swiss friends, we get about 65 rubles for 1 Swiss franc, and for our Canadian friends, about 50 rubles for 1 dollar.
Of course, there is nothing to tell you what the ruble will be when you are in Russia.

Also consider theinflation, still in place in Russia (15,5% in 2015, 7% in 2016, 3,7% in 2017 and around 3% in 2018): this affects the price of restaurants, accommodation, public transport or museums ( which have increased sharply in recent years).

Some useful information on the exchange

- The euros change at a more attractive rate than dollars, so there is no need to bother with the latter. Usually, you don't need a passport.

- You can easily find banks and exchange offices everywhere. Practical: In Petersburg, exchange offices are open every day, sometimes even 24 hours a day.

- Rates : at the airport, the rates are lower than those charged in the city, so change only what you need to reach the center. There, the rates are generally close from one office to another. Small differences, from 2 to 3 rubles to 1 euro, are especially game-changing for large sums. We found the best exchange rates around Moscow station.
The commission is rarely displayed: it can be either direct, in the form of a percentage, or integrated into a less favorable exchange rate.

Budget in Russia


C & rsquoJune toend.

- Cheap Average prices: from 3 to Chic: from 5 to Classier : from 8 to 000 R (12 to 000 €) for 107.


The weakness of the ruble against Western currencies significantly reduced the bill at the restaurant. Prices are given for an average meal, excluding drinks.

- Cheap Moderate price Average prices: from 700 to Chic: from 1 to 300 R (2 to 200 €).


Local beer, like Baltika, is very cheap. Imported drinks, on the other hand, quickly add up, as does wine.


The bus (impractical) and the M500 R for an average trip to Moscow.


The average entrance fee to a large museum or palace varies from around R300 to R500, plus a supplement for audio guides and often another for cameras (R100 to R500!).

On the other hand, the foreign students often benefit from a large reduction (student card required). In short, do not neglect this cultural post which can prove to be one of the heaviest of your stay.


Tips (na chaï 10% in restaurants, a few dollars in hotels, to your good heart in any situation where you will be well served. As a general rule, we will expect more from a Western tourist than from a Russian tourist (who often "will forget" to tip ...).

Shopping and souvenirs from Russia

The traditional craftsmanship is all the richer as the winters are long in Russia and life in the village leaves time for several months, when snow covers everything. This explains the use of bright and abundant colors.

- Stern Samovars: just as symbolic as the matryoshka. They are copper and sometimes silver. Today The chkatoulki: these are boxes The châest de Moscow). See also the châ The painted trays: the most famous are painted at Painted wooden tableware: spoons The cé Wood or bone carvings: toys repreOrient) and repre Semi-preprePé stones The Savior icons in Moscow. Obviously, these are reproductions, because it is forbidden to export old icons.

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