Money and budget Quebec

Money and budget Quebec

Money, banks, exchange

- The canadian dollar is different from the US dollar.
It is worth a little less (around € 0,70 at the end of 2018).

The QuéFrance; pronounce “piass”) for dollar, cents and cents.

- ATMs all over.
A fixed commission being taken by your bank for each withdrawal, in addition to a variable commission, it is therefore preferable to withdraw large sums rather than multiply operations.
In addition, additional commissions (generally $ 3) are applied by some Canadian banks and in businesses that offer the money withdrawal service.

- Change money in banks and exchange offices. There are even machines in some towns that change foreign banknotes. The commission charged (usually $ 5 at banks) and the rate vary from place to place. It is rarely very good in small towns.

- In stores, you may be asked if you want to pay "ie in cash."

Budget in Quebec

The cost is 14,975% in Quebec. They are added at checkout when you pay.
Depending on the region, accommodation (except campsites and youth hostels) may be subject to a tax of 3 to 3,5% on the price of the night ...

Please note, the prices mentioned in our price ranges are exclusive of tax, because not all accommodations systematically charge taxes. (GST, QST and lodging tax). They get along too excluding tips.
Room prices vary according to season and comfort.


Unless you are camping (and again, it depends on where ...), this position could seriously strain your budget. However, the situation fluctuates somewhat depending on the province and / or the tourist frequency of the places visited. Prices in large cities (Montreal, Quebec) are particularly high, including in some AJ.
We still find in Quebec guest rooms (the " houses ”) Affordable. Everywhere, however, these homestays remain cheaper than the hotels ; in addition, breakfast, generally generous, is included.
At the motel level, it varies between $ 60 and $ 200 per night depending on the location, the season and the occupancy rate ...

Not all accommodations automatically charge taxes (GST, QST and lodging tax). These are some youth hostels and lodges managed by individuals. Likewise, the accommodation tax does not apply to the rental of a campsite, in a holiday center accommodation unit, in youth hostels, and if you stay less than 6 hours or more than 31 days at the same location.

- Cheap $ 30 so what Average prices: from 80 to Chic: $ 110 to $ 200 per double room. These are the prices of hotels, inns and charming lodges.


Shopping at the supermarket is rather cheaper than in Europe. This is not the case for a meal at a restaurant, which is all the more expensive (as we say here) as you have to add taxes and tips (nearly 30% for the 2 combined!).

In the 20 $ the price of the main course. We are thus entitled to a starter (soup or salad), a dessert and, often, a hot or cold drink. At noon, the prices are much lower than at night!

Here are our price ranges for a menu or a hearty dish:

- Cheap Average prices: from 15 to Chic: from $ 25 to $ 40.


If the price of fuel fluctuates, it is always cheaper than conventional fuel.

Visits to museums and natural sites

You who may come to admire a waterfall or take hiking trails. We even saw paid car parks (and to book online) in the middle of nature!

There are almost always reons here), as well as "family packages".

L & rsquo $ 30 per person).

Taxes and tips


The prices displayed are not what you will actually pay. At checkout, the customer must pay taxes more. In Quebec, there are 2:

  • the Quebec sales tax, called QST, which amounts to 9,975%,
  • more the GST federal (goods and services tax), which amounts to 5%.

It all comes down to 5% per night and per room in Quebec or $ 2-3, depending on the region.
That said, not all accommodations automatically charge taxes (GST, QST and lodging tax) because certain addresses managed by individuals, whose annual turnover does not exceed $ 30, are not required to apply them. Well ask.
Likewise, the lodging tax does not always apply. This is the case with campsites, certain accommodation units in holiday centers and youth hostels. At the restaurant, it will be necessary to add the service.

In short, keep in mind 30% more than the displayed price if not more!


Service is not included! In restaurants (and wherever you are served at tabe), at least 15% of the final score must be left before taxes.
In Canada, servers have a very low fixed salary and most of their income comes from tips.

Tipping is an institution which you must not deviate from. The French have a reputation for being particularly stingy and for leaving rather less than the traditional 15%, sometimes even nothing at all.
In some restaurants, suddenly, service (free) is sometimes automatically added to the bill when customers are foreigners. The recommended tip is sometimes indicated on the note, which avoids any misunderstanding!
If you are zero at calculation, payment card terminals offer to calculate it for you (they ask you to indicate either the amount you want to leave or the percentage).

When services or bars), the tip is not mandatory. On the other hand, it is customary to leave a little something ...

Ditto for taxis : we generally leave 15% in addition to the amount indicated on the meter.

Provide coins of $ 1 or $ 5 for all odd service jobs where tips are required (hotel porter for example).

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