Money and budget Qatar

Money and budget Qatar

Currency, banking, exchange

- Currency: the Qatari rial or Qatari rial (QAR), divided into 100 dirhams. There are tickets from 1 to 500 QR; coins (1 dirham to 1 rial) are hardly used. In practice, amounts are always rounded to the nearest rial.
In February 2020: 1 QR = 0,25 €; € 1 = QR 4 (fixed parity with the US dollar: $ 1 = QR 3,64).

- You can take goats that no commission is added.

- Visa, MasterCard and, to a lesser extent, American Express and Diners Club are widely accepted. All have insurance that can cover you during your stay, including in some cases rental cars.

Budget in Qatar

Overall, the cost of living in Qatar is quite comparable to that of Western countries. However, some sectors are more expensive (accommodation, imported products in particular), others less (electronics in particular).


- Cheap Average prices: 60-100 & euro geo Chic: à250 & euroétoiles (attractive promotional rates at Internet wholesalers).


- Cheap Average prices: 40-80 QR.
- Classier : more than 80 QR (and sometimes a lot more).


Employees 15%), taxi (10%), service (2-3 QR), etc.


- Plane: flights to the United Arab Emirates, a transport hub in the region, are not very expensive (from € 65 with Emirates).

- Taxi: 15-20 QR for a downtown run, 30 QR beyond.

- Rental car : they are not very 200 € for a small car with basic insurance. By the day, count instead 50 €.

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