Money and budget Oman

Money and budget Oman

Money, banks, exchange


Le Omani rial (OMR) is divided into 1 baïzas.
In February 2020, 1 € = 0,45 OMR and 1 OMR = 2,35 €.

Currency exchange and payment methods

- The currency exchange office, which can be found in city centers, in international hotels and inside souks, have lower rates than banks.

- Very good banking network, a lot of ATMs accepting major international cards.

- Payment by credit card is common in hotels and restaurants in Muscat and major cities, as well as in shops in shopping malls. They are also accepted at most vendors in the souks.

- If we want to pay in foreign currency, we will have more facilities to pay in U.S. dollars than in euros.

- The travellers cheques are exchanged in banks as well as in hotels.

Budget in Oman 

The cost of living in Oman is rather expensive and comparable to that of the countries of the European Union, in particular hotels and car rentals.

The food, generally of Indian origin, is however very cheap. The same goes for bus transport. Entrance to museums and forts is free.


- Cheap Average prices: 60 to Classier : 90 to 200 €.


- Cheap Average prices: 10a Classier : 25 to 50 €.


- Network of bus efficient between major cities in the country, including Dhofar. Very advantageous rates.

- A car rental of small category is proposed from 25 € per day. 4x4 rental also available from € 80 per day.

- Essence: it is inexpensive because it is produced locally.

Taxes and tips

The service (8%) is generally included in the bills of hotels and restaurants (except those of the more fancy establishments). You can leave a tip if you want.


If Muscat prides itself on its role as political capital, the real economic heart is Tax base (Muttrah). We visit the seafront (corniche) with its old Indian houses, the small fishing port with its fish market and the most complete souk in the entire Arabian Peninsula.

There isincense galore (if you go to Salalah, in Dhofar, reserve your rials for the local souk; otherwise Matrah will have enough for you), traditional clothes, fabrics, handcrafted jewelry and antiques, Bedouin rugs, as well as craft workshops in khanjars, daggers carved in silver and horn and worn by men during ceremonies and official festivals.

The Matrah souk is livelier on Wednesday evenings from 18 p.m. and on public holidays, namely Thursday (public sector) and Friday (public and private sectors).

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