Money and budget Jordan

Money and budget Jordan

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The currency is the Jordanian dinar (JD).

Next to the number in Arabic you can read the English translation in letters. If you are wrong, the Jordanians, mostly honest, give you back the coins you hold out!
On the other hand, it is preferable to always check the bill at the restaurant: we sometimes find errors, even involuntary ... Likewise, always ask for prices before ordering (they are not always displayed), this avoids possible surprises. .
Avoid 20 dinar bills (even more so those of 50): in some lost corners, it will be difficult to give you change.


Mid-2019, 1 JD was worth around 1,30 € and 1 € was equal to 0,75JD. The Jordanian dinar being at fixed parity with the US dollar, its rate fluctuates slightly.

All local banks accept euros.
Change your money on arrival (but as little as possible at the airport), as no foreign currency is accepted in shops.
The exchange rate (for cash) is generally better in banks (and particularly in Housing Bank) than in exchange offices which, moreover, have longer hours.

Payment cards

More and more hotels (except the most modest), restaurants (chic) ​​and shops (for tourists) accept Visa, American Express and MasterCard (depending on the city), but beware of the exchange rate, not necessarily very advantageous and commissions. But traders still prefer cash, because they are paid with a delay that can reach several weeks.

No problem finding an ATM in medium or large cities, but each withdrawal is commissioned.

- Caution : on the cards, under the 1st total, a small box indicates the tip (tip), followed by another box where the grand total must be entered. If you do not fill in these last 2 boxes, you run the risk of letting the restaurateur enter what he wants after you have signed!

Budget in Jordan

Jordan is not a cheap country for backpackers. However, we can get by by opting for hotels with minimal comfort, which can be found everywhere, and for popular restaurants which remain very cheap (because they are adapted to the real purchasing power of Jordanians).
In hotels, in low season, whatever the category, you can negotiate, especially in the most chic establishments; small structures are already suffering enough from the drop in tourist traffic. Local transport (bus) is still cheap.

Normally, the months of April and October concentrate the vast majority of visitors. The sites are more frequented and everything is more expensive.


Some establishments have tax-included rates, but sometimes they have to be added. Be sure to specify it (8% tax + 16% for the service), because this significantly affects the total. The prices announced in this guide are inclusive of VAT, unless otherwise stated.

More and more hotels adjust their room rates according to the occupancy rate.

On the basis of Very Cheap Moderate price Average prices: 40 to Chic: from 60 to 120 JD (78 to 156 €).


Here again, it is sometimes necessary to add, depending on the establishment, between 12 and 16% for service and taxes at the prices mentioned on the cards. This is true for establishments from the “average price” category: look carefully at the bottom of the menu. On the other hand, small restaurants advertise prices generally inclusive of VAT.

We indicate here a price per person for a dish (or a mezze), service not included:

- Very Cheap Average prices: from 10 to Chic: from 15 to 20 JD (20 to 26 €).

Museums and sites

Get the 75 or 80 JD. In addition to visa fees, it includes access to 40 sites, including Petra (1 to 3 days depending on the package chosen), but also Jerash, Wadi Ram, Ajlun Castle ... Detailed list on the Internet.

Otherwise pay separately, each visit costs from 2 JD per adult, 1 to 7 JD for the nature reserves, 10 JD for Jerash, 5 JD for the wadi Ram and ... 50 JD for 1 day in Petra (55 JD for 2 days, 60 JD for 3 days).

  • More info on the Jordan Pass


Originally, the baksheesh was the welcome gift, as a sign of hospitality and friendship.

Today the term "baksheesh" is used over and over again. It is a tip, a remuneration in exchange for a service rendered, but in no case an alms.

Nor is it a matter of distributing just anything to just anyone.

Here are some markers that sometimes are done automatically!

Bring small change and don & rsquole with a smile.

Tips for guides and drivers

Tipping is customary when traveling through a local agency. It is delivered in 2 separate envelopes.

You can expect a minimum of 3 JD per driver day

Jordanian shopping and souvenirs

Most of the traditional objects come from the West Bank (especially Hebron). You may have some surprises in the markets of Amman (Downtown), where the prices are far more reasonable than in the tourist sites.

- Coffee and tea makers: in our opinion, the most interesting craft in the country. Check the solidity of the welds and the airtightness of the covers.

Carpet: hand woven by Bedouin women.

- of-dishes.      Hookah even hookah with items to your liking. Pay attention to the quality of the hose, make sure that nothing is missing. Count from 10 JD for the mediocre to more than 50 JD for the very good. After negotiation.

- Keffiyeh: in red and white checks, the traditional headdress of men among the Bedouins. They have been modernized and come in all colors. Very practical as a scarf, shawl or to protect yourself from the sand in the desert.

- Remember that it is forbidden to export corals from the Red Sea.

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