Money and budget Ireland

Money and budget Ireland

Money, banks, exchange

In the Republic of Ireland (Éire)

Since 2002, theeuro in all Irish wallets.

Northern Ireland

Here, we pay in pound sterling (pound in English).

As of 2019, 1 pound (£ or GBP) was around € 1,15. During the negotiation period preceding Brexit (still not effective), we can expect fluctuations in the price of the British currency.
Likewise, we can imagine, in the event of a significant devaluation, that accommodation owners and restaurateurs correct their prices in pounds, by increasing them to compensate for the shortfall ...

Where to get foreign currency?

On site, at the many distributors (ATM). In Northern Ireland, this is the easiest way to get books, as banks or exchange offices do not offer a very favorable rate. Banks are generally open Monday to Friday, 9:30 a.m. to 16:30 p.m. (17 p.m. Thursday).

From Éire to Ulster

Outside the border towns, euros are hardly accepted in Northern Ireland (nor are pounds sterling in Eire).

Budget in Ireland

In the Republic of Ireland (Éire)

For a traveler, the cost of living is roughly the same in Ireland as in France or Belgium. As everywhere, the price of accommodation and restaurants is higher in the big cities or the most touristic places.

- For budget travelers: plan an average budget of 50 to 60 € per day and per person, or 15 to 20 € for a bed in a dormitory, 10 € per meal (taken in snacks, sandwiches, cheap pubs or, better, at the AJ, while cooking) and 10 to 15 € for the rest.

- For medium budget travelers: for two, by staying in the B & B and eating at the restaurant, plan 90 to 100 € per day and per person (30 to 40 € per person for the B & B, 10 to 15 € for lunch, 25 to 30 € in the evening and 15 to 20 € for possible visits or a trip to the pub).


- Very Cheap price can be Average prices: the B & Chic: from 90 to 120 € the double, price of an improved B & B or a small hotel.


You can easily eat at 30 & euromidi, an early bird menu at discounted prices.

Our price ranges are given for a main course, generally quite generous.

- Cheap Average prices: from 12 to Chic: from 20 to 32 €.


The entrance fee usually varies between 5 and 10 €, but some large museums or sites charge higher prices. Fortunately, most also offer student and senior discounts, and there are family tickets almost everywhere.
It can also be economical to invest in a Duchás Heritage Card (valid for 1 year). There are many museums, monuments and sites to which we have free access (around 65).

Cost in 2019: € ​​40 per adult, € 10 per child, € 30 for over 60s and € 90 for the family ticket.

In Northern Ireland

Be careful, the cost of living (B & B, restaurants ...) is slightly higher than that of the Republic of Ireland (especially if the euro is weak!). Only the prices of museums and transport are equivalent.


- Cheap23 & euro Average prices: from 60 to 92 & euro Chic: from 80 to 115 €) the room for two people.


- Cheap Average prices: from 12 to 23 & euro Chic: € 20 to € 34,50).


The use of tips has become scarce in Eire, but no one will blame you for leaving 10% more in a restaurant or taxi. Most of the time, the service is already included in the bill.
In Northern Ireland, a tip of 6 to 10% is sometimes added automatically for groups (in rather fancy restaurants). For the rest, it's like in Eire, you don't have to leave something.

Irish shopping and souvenirs

- Sweaters : it is actually rather the tourists who wear them. In souvenir shops, they are not always made in Ireland ... For the authentic, be prepared to pay the price and instead go to the workshops where you can, most often, see the craftsmen at the 'artwork. The most beautiful jumpers can be found in Donegal.

- Tweed (jackets, caps, blankets, scarves, etc.): it is still in Donegal that you will find the most beautiful fabrics. Again, prefer small local artisans or workshops rather than large tourist shops.

- Pure wool (100%): not degreased or degreased (white or colored), for knitting or weaving. Here again, the quality depends on the price you are willing to pay.

Jewelry, lace, linen, pottery ... with Celtic patterns or not, traditional or design: the country is dotted with shops and artists' studios, even in the most improbable corners. Do not hesitate to push the doors!

- The famous irish crystal, Waterford remaining the most reputable supplier (but manufacturers are increasingly scarce). Also a production in Galway. You just have to like heavy objects and have a sufficiently weighted wallet!

- Musical instruments : bodhran, fiddle (violin), tin whistle (flûil know where to buy them.

- The whiskey: it is so taxed that it will cost you less in any supermarket in France!

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