Money and budget Iran

Money and budget Iran

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The currency is the Iranian rial (IRR), but Iranians often speak in "Toman", each toman is equivalent to 10 rials. Successive devaluations mean that prices are expressed in thousands of rials, or even millions.

Exchange rate in February 2020: € 1 = 46 rials, while 500 rials = € 100.

There are many vending machines, but the foreign bank cards are not accepted due to the international embargo. You won't be able to use them to pay either, except at carpet merchants, whose terminals pass through foreign countries. The price will then be increased. Travelers checks will also be unnecessary.

Think of take euros or dollars in cash to change.

It is recommended to start on Thursday evening. 

Budget in Iran

THEinflation is galloping, here we count in thousands of rials. Traveling nevertheless remains cheaper than in Europe.

Hotels and monuments charge higher rates for foreigners. Gasoline is cheap, and transportation is cheap.


- Inexpensive € 3 per single or double room in a hotel, even less for a bed in a dormitory in a mosaferkhuneh.

- Average price you on the street. Some ultra-connected Iranians are present on rental networks between individuals (Bedycasa, Homestay); prices range from € 12 for a room in Tehran to around sixty euros for a house in a tourist spot like Yazd or Isfahan.

- More chic hotels from international chains and converted caravanserais, but the decor can seem kitsch. Prices range from € 50 to € 350 for a suite with multiple bedrooms.

Meals and catering

The food is really cheap € 8) in a good kebab, up to 350 (€ 000) in a more elaborate restaurant.

It is not the alcohol that will weigh down the bill because, in terms of drinks, you will only find Islamic beer (without alcohol), sodas and dough (mixture of yogurt, sparkling water and mint).


This is certainly not the position that will strain your budget. Nightlife in Iran comes down to private parties. If you sympathize with young Iranians, they are sure to invite you. You will then discover a face far removed from the prohibitions of the mullahs.


Car rental with driver. In taxi agencies, you can hire a taxi for € 10 a day.

Several options available: shared taxi or private taxi, more expensive but much more comfortable. Count between 50 and 000 rials for a private taxi ride.

Bus and minibus

The competition is fierce, the connections are frequent and the prices are very cheap. A trip generally costs around ten euros. The roads are in excellent condition, so traveling by bus is a satisfactory option


With more than 7 Mashad, TéBandar-Abbas and TéTabriz. Count 12-15 € for a berth for a one-way trip between Tehran and Tabriz. You can make your reservations online at


Several companies carry out intéShiraz connections is around 50 €.

Shopping and souvenirs

Iranian craftsmanship is very refined, temptations will be great in the aisles of the bazaars. Persian rugs are particularly famous, and there is a wide variety of styles: Ghoum, Na'in, Shiraz, Bakhtiar, Tabriz, Ispahan, Sarouk, Kashan, each region has its own ...

Also to bring back, the miniatures, finely painted by hand, the hammered steel pieces, such as the trays, and the marquetry objects.

Do not hesitate to go and see the state shops; unlike bazaars, the prices are fixed, and the craftsmanship presented is excellent, so you will not do bad business.

Bargaining in Iran

Be sure to haggle for souvenir purchases, taxis, and accommodation. On the other hand, the prices of transport or entrances to monuments are not negotiable.

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