Money and budget Cyprus

Money and budget Cyprus

Money, change


- The currency of the Republic of Cyprus iseuro. The euro is accepted everywhere.

- The currency of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus is the Cypriot pound (CYP).
In January 2020, 1 € = 0,60 CYP and 1 CYP = 1,80 €.

Currency exchange and payment methods

- Many vending machines operate 24 hours a day in central locations in all towns and the two main resorts of Agia Napa and Paralimni. You can easily withdraw money and pay with Visa and MasterCard.

- The bank card is widely accepted in hotels and restaurants, especially Visa.

- The use of travelers checks is also quite common in stores and restaurants.

Budget in Cyprus 

The prices are comparable to those charged in Europe, with a significant difference in standard of living between the towns and the countryside.

A car rental, a 2 or 3 star hotel and two meals at a restaurant will cost you an average daily fee of around € 80. However, fuel and cigarettes are much cheaper.


As for accommodation, the range is wide: from camping to 5 stars, including high quality rural lodges. Remember that homestay accommodation (rural lodges, traditional houses) is a structured formula which requires advance reservation, so there is little chance of finding a place if you arrive unexpectedly.

- Cheap Average prices: between 30 and 50 & euro Classier : from 50 to Very chic: more than 100 €.


The market economy is well established in Cyprus, a country where comfort and technology go hand in hand with the authenticity of the countryside. Do not hesitate to go and meet the villagers and eat in the local taverns.

Also remember that in summer, in 35 or 40 ° C, a full meal a day is often enough. However, you will find supermarkets (a kind of grocery store where you can find everything) always open, even late at night.

- Cheap case.
- Average prices: between 12 and 20 & euro Classier : from 20 € the meal.


- Between the aeville, the bus trip costs about 1 €, the taxi fare about 12 €.

- In general, the journey in bus costs 1 to 8 €, and a ride in collective taxi costs 8 to 15 €.

- A car rental from small category 45 € per day in unlimited mileage.

- Essence: around € 1,39 per liter of unleaded.

Cultural sites

Entrances to museums and tourist sites cost around 5 to 10 € (a little less expensive in the northern part of the island).

Tips and bargaining

Hotels and restaurants add 10% for service. Tipping is therefore not compulsory, but a few coins or small bills left for the staff are always welcome. Taxi drivers, porters or hairdressers will always appreciate a tip, no matter how small.

Bargaining is not really usual, but the shopkeeper may give you a small gift or invite you for a lemonade or a cup of coffee if you are a sympathetic customer.

Shopping and souvenirs

The beautiful Cypriot artisanal production draws its origins in a know-how dating back to Antiquity. Cyprus's artistic heritage is proudly reflected in the lace and the embroidery basketry pottery and wood engravings, as well asplate and the work of copper. The government has actively sought to safeguard local handicrafts since 1975 with the establishment of the Cypriot Handicrafts Service. There is a large Cypriot Handicraft Center in Nicosia and official craft shops, as well as folk art museums in Nicosia, Limassol, Larnaca and Paphos.

- La lace of Cyprus is prized for its quality and artistry. The village of Lefkara, in particular, is famous for its embroidery, called lefkaritika. Embroidered lace, made on off-white linen or cotton, is used to make very decorative tablecloths, curtains, small doilies, trivets and sets for dressers. Fiotiotika, fabrics embroidered with geometric patterns, are a specialty of Paphos. The lefkonitziatika are characterized by wide stripes, while the alatjia, also striped, are more finely woven with a silky luster.

- La pottery has been practiced in Cyprus for thousands of years. We make beautiful jars, vases, jugs, figurines of all shapes and sizes.

- The terracotta objects adorned with white decorations, copies of museum pieces, and much appreciated gifts, as well as copper articles, hand-decorated gourds, basketwork and jewelry bearing antiquity motifs.

- The sendoukia, pine wood chests formerly intended to hold the bride's dowry, are decorated with religious or natural symbols, and can be obtained to order from official craft stores.

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