Money and budget Channel Islands

Money and budget Channel Islands


Jersey issues the Jersey book, while Guernsey hits the Guernsey pound. These two currencies have the same value and the same rate as the pound sterling, which is also accepted.
In January 2020, the exchange rate for the British pound is as follows: € 1 = £ 0,85 and £ 1 = € 1,20.

Jersey books are often accepted in Guernsey, but conversely, Guernsey books are rarely accepted in Jersey. In Alderney, the pound sterling is most often used.

The euro is rarely accepted in Normandy, and when it is, change is given in pounds.

The Jersey pound and the Guernsey pound cannot be used or exchanged on the continent.

Budget in Normandy 

Insularity increases the cost of living. Accommodation and catering are more expensive than in France.
Some examples of prices, on the island of Jersey in particular:

- Spirits and alcoholic beverages Non-alcoholic drink Coffee Taxi ride from l & rsquoHé Vee rental Car rental : from £ 34 per day, £ 105 per week, all inclusive.


The Normans are not members of the European Union, therefore customs restrictions are required.

When you return to France, you will have to remit, and pay VAT.

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