Money and budget Canary Islands

Money and budget Canary Islands

Money, banks, exchange

- Change: for information, € 1 = Fs 1,13 = Ca $ 1,50 (spring 2019). In Spain, the euro is expressed as euros in the plural and is divided into céntimos.

The banks

For those who are concerned about changing in the banks located opposite and tourist sites.

The distributors

In almost all towns and villages, you can withdraw cash from ATMs with MasterCard, Visa or Maestro cards.

Budget in the Canaries

In the few small guesthouses, there are still rooms with shared bathroom facilities (or even € 30 in low season (and sometimes even in summer!), Especially in some towns that are not very touristy. However, these places are really rare on the islands of Tenerife, Gran Canaria and Lanzarote.
For most accommodations, the concepts of high, medium or low season are important.

- The high season generally comes down to the winter months (especially around the New Year) with, in addition, as in all of Spain, Holy Week (from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday; in 2020, from 5 to April 12). However, this notion of season tends to vary from one island to another.

- Low and high season: unlike mainland Spain, the concept of high et low season is not the same. Winter, for the mild climate, is the most popular period, and therefore the most expensive.

- New Year's Day.
À Lanzarote, - an island already renowned for its slippery prices -, the demand for rural casas, often in the countryside in privileged corners, exceeds the supply: they are suddenly, in all seasons, much more expensive than rentals on the coast!


The prices are understood, unless otherwise indicated, for a double room (except for youth hostels and dormitories). On the other hand, when we indicate the price of breakfast, it is understood "per person".
These ranges are indicative, and may vary slightly from one island or locality to another.

- Very Cheap Average prices: from 40 to Chic: from 65 to Classier : from 90 to Very stylish : more than 120 €.


In general, prices are a little lower in the Canaries than in France, or even in mainland Spain.

- Very Cheap Average prices: from 12 to Chic: from 25 to Classier : more than 40 €.

Car rental

On all the islands there are many rental companies, including small local companies. Roughly speaking, you can find a small car to hire for around € 30-40 per day, basic insurance included. The prices decrease from 3 days. For 1 week, it becomes particularly interesting: there are some for rent from 120 €, sometimes less! The websites often offer very attractive prices.
A few rare companies (Cicar for example) agree to rent the same car to cover several islands, which can be practical and economical!

Another good news: gasoline, partly tax-free, is cheaper than on the mainland (around € 1 / liter at the start of 2019).

Canary Islands shopping and souvenirs

Each of the islands has its own particularities.

- Guanche pottery à Embroidery and lace à Basketwork à Palm honey à Rapadura à Wine.
- Mojos.
- Ron and Ron Honey à Cheese à Almogrote à Quesadillas à Mazapá Aloe vera: there are small organic farms in Fuerteventura and Lanzarote.

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