Money and budget Azores

Money and budget Azores

Money and banks


The currency of the Azores iseuro.


Banks in the Azores are open Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 15 p.m. (some 17 p.m.).

Payment cards

They are accepted in most establishments (Visa and MasterCard mainly). No payment fees for euro area nationals.

There are ATMs (Multibanco) in most towns and villages of a certain size and their number is increasing: there are nearly 400 in the archipelago. However, remember to bring enough liquid in isolated areas.

Budget in the Azores

The Azores are a relatively inexpensive destination for the French tourist. The archipelago benefits from a reduced VAT rate, which helps to keep prices at a moderate level for islands. In low season, possibility to negotiate hotel prices.


Prices shown in October).

- Cheap Average prices: 50-80 & euro Chic: more than 80 €.


The prices indicated are for one meal per person.

Watch out for appetizers (covered) that we bring to you automatically before the meal, such as cheese, cold meats, etc. They are invoiced (their price is theoretically mentioned on the menu), just like the bread, unless you refuse them.

Also be careful, the fish price can be indicated by weight! Check well.

Un good plan 7 & euro12 end).

- Cheap Average prices: 10-25 & euro Chic: beyond 25 €.


The tip is 10% of the bill.

Shopping and souvenirs

Foodies can bring back some excellent local products, like the cheese  piri) and pâtisseries local (such as queijada or bolo lêvedo sweet bread).

- Açde-vie wines fruit-based (pineapple, passion fruit, etc.) or tea from São Miguel.

At the level of the squolits and the carpets, the fans and the lace, the sculpted volcanic stones and the scrimshaw (sculpture from the teeth or bone of a sperm whale), a tradition of the island of Pico.

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