Micronesia money and budget

Micronesia money and budget

Currency, banking, exchange

- The currency is the American dollar, divided into 100 cents.

Banknotes of 1 to 100 US $ and coins of 1c (penny), 5c (nickel), 10c (dime) and 25c (quarter). The old type banknotes continue to be legally valid. Note that the US $ 50 and US 100 bills are difficult to break.
In February 2020: € 1 = US $ 1,10, and US $ 1 = € 0,90. 

- You can possibly take US dollar traveller's checks, but you will have to change them in the local banks (Bank of Federated States of Micronesia or Bank of Guam), but most do not want to… It is easier to withdraw cash in the distributors (ATM). They are found in town on the main islands. On the other hand, if you ever go to the villages or to the outer islands, remember to stock up on cash!

- MasterCard cards, and to a lesser extent Visa, are only accepted in hotels, some restaurants and shops. For everything else, have somecash money !

- Changing euros is almost impossible.

Budget in the Federated States of Micronesia


- Cheap Average price 120 US $ (ho Chic 250 US $ (best hotels and resorts).

Please note, the rates are ge10% according to the US $ 15).


- Cheap Average prices US $ 18.
- Classier : over US $ 18 (especially chic hotels).


In the best hotels20%.

  • One drink: 2-3 US $.
  • One box US $ 4.
  • A gallon of gasoline: about US $ 4.


- Plane : the prices of small planes to the outer islands are quite variable; count for example 200 US $ return for Ulithi from Yap with Pacific Missionary Aviation and 380 US $ for Pingelap from Pohnpei.

- bus : count 1 US $ if you ever find one!

- Taxi: 1 US $ in town!

- Rental car : count 30-80 US $ per day according to the island, the interlocutor, the season, the insurance and the mood of the renter.

Excursions and activities

  • 35-50 US $ a snorkelling trip (PMT).
  • About 70 US $ for half a day, or 110 US $ for a day of kayaking in the mangroves at Yap
  • 70 US $ per dive.

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