Micronesia Identity Card

Micronesia Identity Card

- Official name : É Capital city :  Area:  Population  Religion : it varies significantly depending on the Change : the US dollar.

- United with the American winners, under the name of Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands.
In 1979, the 4 archipelagos of Yap, Truk (Chuuk), Ponape (Pohnpei) and Kosrae decided to join together and form the Federated States of Micronesia, whose independence was officially recognized internationally in 1990. The archipelagos neighbors of Palau and the Marshall Islands did not integrate the Federated States of Micronesia and formed their own country.

- Reunite.
- Pre Treatyassociation United and three United, which see each other in exchange authorized United.

- Head of l & rsquopré Institutions and politics : the country has a single parliamentary chamber, made up of 14 members. At the same time, each archipelago has its own Constitution, its governor and its government. Politics here is above all a matter of social status, and parties do not strictly speaking exist.

- National anthem : adopted in 1991, it copies the music of the German patriotic song of the 1830s, Ich hab mich ergeben!

- Secessionist movement: a referendum on the independence of the state of Chuuk was scheduled to be held in 2015, but has been repeatedly postponed and postponed by the central government. The subject remains topical: its leaders are in favor, as are part of the Chuukeses. For Chuuk, it is above all a question of obtaining more political and economic power.


We can not say that the United States, provides the country with a living, and a large part of the annual budget. As a result, two thirds of workers are employed by the government (s) ...

For the rest, we live mainly onagriculture subsistence, fishing and sale of fishing rights, important due to the large size of the country's Exclusive Economic Zone. Fish (fresh or frozen) represents 84% ​​of exports, while imports of beer alone are equivalent to 15% of exports ...

- exchange transfers), the authorities have created a trust fund. Its yield being around 10%, it would have to increase tenfold to maintain the standard of living in the country.

Unemployment and poverty affect 15 to 20% of the population.

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