Miami Health and Safety

Miami Health and Safety

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While authorities have taken effective action to curb insecurity, avoid hanging out in some uncrowded areas of Downtown or Miami Beach after 18 p.m. and, day or night, in neighborhoods north of Downtown, such as Little Haiti. , Biscayne Boulevard (between 64th and 79th Sreet), Allapattah (in particular Liberty City) and Opa Locka.

- No paranoid, if some areas of Miami suffer from chronic insecurity, this is generally not the case in tourist areas.
South Beach practically lives day and night. There you will always find people walking around, even late at night.
On the other hand, from a certain time, always prefer to go by taxi to more sensitive districts such as Little Haiti, Downtown, Little Havana or even Wynwood, even though the latter district is in the process of gentrification.
Keep in mind that the Promised Land has not kept its promises for everyone (especially in Florida where luxury spills over to every street corner) and that Miami is a hub for drug trafficking.

- Another nuisance (without transition): mosquitoes, formidable, especially in the evening in summer.
Le Zika virus severely affected in 2016, particularly in the district of Wynwood, which was banned for pregnant women in August of the same year.
Since the ban has been lifted. However, it is advisable to take this threat seriously and to contact the local health authorities in order to know the zones of restriction.
Yes, it's hard to forget that Florida was once covered with swamps and therefore unpopulated because unhealthy ... It's not for nothing that some Everglades campsites are free during the hot and humid season!


- For an emergency (medical or other), call  911.

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