Miami Activities, Sports and Recreation

Miami Activities, Sports and Recreation

Miami neighborhood by neighborhood

- Miami Beach bling. It is obviously the number one attraction in Miami and the must-see area for night owls.

- Sunny Isles: the northern extension of Miami Beach. Seaside and family atmosphere, more peaceful than South Beach (with less character and less atmosphere).

- Downtown: undergoing restructuring, it bristles with modern buildings as it approaches Brickell, south of the Miami River. Conquering architecture and wide boulevards enclosing a more pedestrianized heart where shops and two museums are lined up that are worth the trip. Nice evening entertainment on S Miami Avenue, between 6th Street and Brickell to the south, Brickell Avenue to the east and 1st Avenue to the west.

- Little Havana: a neighborhood mostly inhabited by Cuban exiles. Those who know Havana may be frankly disappointed. For others, a stroll on Calle Ocho on Sunday, for the atmosphere, can be exotic.

- Coral Gables: this Mediterranean-style residential area was built in the 1920s. Splendid residences.

- Coconut Grove: originally, the haunt of artists, intellectuals ...; today, a nice green residential and tourist area, with its share of restaurants, ultrachic hotels, luxury shopping malls ...

- Key Biscayne: this residential island, famous for its international tennis tournament, is very popular with chicos retirees, who feel safe here, as well as golfers. We like its natural park and its beach, at the southern end of the island.

- Wynwood Art District and Miami Design District at noon to enjoy the little more or less trendy restaurants and bars that have emerged.

- Little Haiti: deprived district, mainly populated by Haitians, for the most part arrived in Miami from 1975 to 1985.

- Palm Island, Hibiscus Island and Star Island: billionaire islands nestled in Biscayne Bay. Access is prohibited, but boats departing from Bayside offer to go around to "admire" the villas of stars.

Sports and Recreation

In United, we do not joke with the sport ball, every iconic American sport is well represented here: the Florida Marlins at bat, the Florida Panthers at lacrosse, the Miami Dolphins under their mesh helmets and the Miami Heat at the basket ...

Don't forget the golf (not less than 30 alai, a variation of the typically Floridian Basque pelota ...

But Miami's favorite hobby is still worship of the body. Bodybuilding, plastic surgery, teeth whitening, excess tanning, etc., the people of Miami make it a point of honor to maintain their bodies, highlighted by clothes purchased during regular shopping sprees.

Contemporary art and design

To understand why Wynwood and Design District are part of the history of the district today.

In York, the district experienced a strong immigration, especially Puerto Rican, so much so that it was nicknamed in the 1950s "Little San Juan". Then comes a period of exodus which leaves the neighborhood prey to all kinds of trafficking. The situation continued until the 1970s, but the construction of the I95 fragmented the territory and the middle class migrated to other neighborhoods, leaving a poor population in place. Wynwood experienced racial tensions until the 1980s, as well as serious security problems caused by drug trafficking.

It may be the purchase of a bakery by a collective of artists who created the Wynwood that we know today. In 1987, a group of artists, forced to leave Coconut Grove following the increase in rents, created a non-profit association to buy an old bakery. This is the famous Bakehouse Art Complex which still operates today and welcomes more than sixty artists in residence. But things are not moving very quickly.
Until the 1990s, the area did not have a good reputation. In 1993, the Rubell Family Collection It set up its small museum dedicated to artistic patronage, but it was at the turn of the 2000s that it all really started, when Goldman Properties smelled real estate investment and Wynwood's potential.
In 2000, the first commercial gallery, the Dorsch Gallery, opened its doors. Bernice Steinbaum will follow, who does not hesitate to leave Soho to open her own gallery (since closed). Then restaurants and bars are established.
In 2009, Toni Goldman imagines an open-air painting gallery: Wynwood Walls, whose opening will coincide with Art Basel, at the same time initiating a monthly art exhibition called Art Walk (the 2nd Saturday of the month). Wynwood now has more than 70 galleries and collections ...

In the spirit of the project and its potential, it takes into account the reduction of the ecological footprint in order to reduce energy consumption.

ÀUnis, its design counterpart, the Design miami, has welcomed designers from all over the world since 2005. The time of your life for gallery owners, dealers and critics from all over the world.

Guardians, on a conceptual but also technological level.
The Setai, for his part, has Michel Gaty néciel which today dominates the bay of Biscayne and which one sees very well when one borrows the Venetian Way by bicycle.

Culture and guided tours

  • Art Deco Welcome Center: 1001 Ocean Dr, in the Miami Design Preservation League. Every day 9 am-17pm (19pm Thu). Info on Art Deco and South Beach in general. Different thematic tours are offered there, in Miami Beach and in the other districts of the city: the modern architecture of Miami, Jewish, gay & lesbian Miami, food tour... Online booking possible for some tours. Also offers an audioguide (duration of the visit approximately 1h30, price $ 20, security deposit $ 50).
  • Miami Culinary Tours 2h30. Count 40-70 2 days. before.
    A fun way to discover Miami, its history and its architecture, through its cuisine! Excellent guides.
  • City Tours & ndash $ 60 depending on the ride.
    Itineraries to discover specific neighborhoods or sites. Themed walks (architecture, history, museums, etc.) on foot, by bike and also by boat.

Cultural information

  • Pick up the free weekly New Times and the Friday Supplement of the Miami Herald daily for the latest trending addresses and hot cultural events.
  • In the same vein, the Welcome brochure, available in all tourist places, provides a lot of useful information for tourists.
  • Also, and for their event calendars.
  • See also the online newspapers and for events in the French-speaking sphere.


Some purchases remain solid, despite a sometimes less favorable exchange rate. Here are some ideas for items to pack in your luggage.

- Swimsuits, beachwear and sunglasses much better priced than here in this bling bling-glitter style so South Beach. L & rsquobas! Also think about surf clothes.

- The jeans, of course. Levi's models are much cheaper than in France (up to half price excluding sales), even if you buy them in an official Levi's Store. Please note, the reference numbers are not the same as in Europe, and the sizes change for almost every model.

- The pre-wear deshirts (incredible choice) and other sweatshirts. The kids clothing are also interesting, as long as you like flashy colors.

- The products deshirt àshop or a bar which does not do the same, without forgetting the mass production of the pretty house mug ...

- Sports and leisure shoes and clothing (yoga and Pilates in particular, but also outdoor).

- Beauty products (cosmetics, make-up) cost half as much as in France. They are found in drugstores like Duane Reade, CVS, Rite Aid or Walgreens.

- Contemporary art: in just a few years, Miami has become a hub of design and contemporary art. Well, there we are talking about big money ....

- - You know you shop in tourist areas, especially in Miami Downtown, because behind the golden deal is often a reinforced concrete scam!

Buy cheaper

At the time of sales (sales), especially in January and summer, reductions can reach peaks.
Very good plan: factory outlets are huge shopping centers usually located on the outskirts of cities (accessible from highways). Very numerous in Florida, they bring together big brand factory outlets American clothing and footwear.
Items are often sold all year round at unbeatable prices (sometimes up to 75% off during sales!) And come from stocks from previous collections. They sometimes present defects but minor (mention "irregular" on the label).

In these "family lunch. A rich sociological experience!

Where to find stores in Miami?

In South Beach, major brands such as Urban Outfitter, Banana Republic, Levi's, Ralph Lauren, Guess, Victoria's Secret or Urban Outfitters are grouped together at the bottom of Collins Avenue, between 5th and 9th Streets mostly.

Also quite a few shops on Lincoln Road Mall).
In Coral Gables, we find them in the mall of Shops at Merrick Park (almost at the intersection of 953 and US 1).

For fashion addicts, north of Miami Beach, just after Sunny Isles, theAventura Mall (19501 Biscayne Blvd), brings together even more stores (design extension planned for the end of 2017, with a green rooftop).
For prices a little more interesting, we advise you instead, if you can, to go to the Sawgrass mills, in Sunrise, near Fort Lauderdale.

Miami as a family, with children

Miami is a kid's dream destination, by any means. Sun all year round, miles of white sand beaches fringed with coconut palms, colorful architecture like cupcakes, limousines on every street corner, a handful of fun museums like the Children's Museum, water and animal parks ( Jungle Island, Zoo Miami, Seaquarium), a skytrain that crisscrosses Downtown, even passing between buildings, not to mention nautical activities and the beach ...

And if you are ready to face a few hours of driving, make way for the insane amusement parks of Orlando (see The Florida Backpacker).

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