Mexico ID card

Mexico ID card

- Area: 1 485 km² Population: about 22 million including the agglomerate Density Mayor (head of government of Mexico City): Claudia Sheinbaum, since December 2018.

Mexico City neighborhoods (colonias)

Mexico City is a greedy octopus that grew up swallowing the surrounding villages and small towns. An anarchic and relentless phagocytosis generating an unreadable urban fabric due to an incredible amount of roads, access ramps and other elevated passages. The result: the city is a mosaic of districts that are quite different from each other and sometimes several tens of kilometers apart, or even several hours in the event of traffic jams.

Only a small number of them are likely to interest you: the historic center first, where the most beautiful buildings and the markets are gathered, but where the hotels are quite expensive when they are not frankly obsolete.
To the west extends the Zona Rosa, lively district, extended to the south by the Condesa and the Rome, where there is a large choice of restaurants and places to go out and where it is pleasant to reside.
Even further west, bordering the large Chapultepec park, Polanco, the chicos district, with its large avenues, shopping centers and art museums.
Finally, the neighborhoods that assert themselves, with their small art galleries or their alternative bistros, such as San Rafael et Santa María La Ribera, located north of Zona Rosa or Coyoacan et Saint Angel which form delicious oases in the southern part of the city.

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