Mexico history

Mexico history

Imagine the amazement of the Spaniards when they discover, in 1519 capital of the Aztec Empire, built in the middle of a lake bordered by volcanoes. A wonderful floating city covered with gigantic palaces, flamboyant pyramids, surrounded by enchanting gardens, markets, canals and huge aqueducts that supply the city with water. Everything is neat and orderly, governed by strict rules and rites.

This beautiful ordering is upsetTenochtitlán falls into the hands of the Spaniards after a siege of several months, which starves the population. In two years, the entire Aztec Empire was subdued.

Cortés then took a decision that today seems monstrous and absurd to us: he simply does raze the city and reuse the stones of the pyramids for the construction of first colonial buildings.

Mexico then becomes, for pre-royalty, Spain.

From the conquest of the Philippines, in the second half of the XNUMXth century, the country will even become the obligatory passage between Asia and Europe. Goods disembarking in Acapulco, Pacific side, to be transported to Veracruz where they embark again for Europe. Mexico City playing the role of hub, large trade fairs were held there.

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Mexico: 200 years of independence! ❯
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