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    Melbourne Passageways and Arcades Walking Tour with English-Speaking Guide

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    Discover the secrets and hidden gems of Melbourne's streets and arcades, during this XNUMX-hour small-group tour. In the company of a local English-speaking guide, learn more about the heritage and culture of this cosmopolitan city. Visit local artisans and hot fashion designers, mingle with café regulars and soak up the atmosphere of old-world charm. 

    Melbourne is Australia's fashion and trend capital. This XNUMX-hour tour will show you the best of Melbourne and introduce you to local designers while learning about the city's arcades and passageways. You won't have time for real shopping, but you can stop momentarily to buy a souvenir.
    With its vibrant arts scene and beautiful historic buildings, Melbourne is a multi-faceted city, full of sophistication and charm.
    A visit would not be complete without tasting local specialties, such as chocolate, or stopping for a delicious coffee in a local café.
    With so much to discover in Melbourne, it's only natural to come back in the afternoon to get a closer look at the places that appeal to you the most and enjoy a fantastic day.

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