Markets and flea markets in Brussels

Visiting a city's markets is always an original way to discover the soul of its districts, especially in a cosmopolitan city like Brussels (25% foreigners).

Markets generally reflect the neighborhood that houses them: popular or chic, chaotic or organised.

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The Midi market

the midday market

The Midi market is held every Sunday morning around the station. You will find everything there: fruits and vegetables from all countries, fabrics, clothes, delicatessen, beauty products, etc.

The market is huge and allows you to fully grasp the cosmopolitan atmosphere of Brussels.

However, only go there if you have time or are looking for North African products, because the surrounding area is rather desolate.

The chips of the place of the ball game

ball game plaza chips

In the heart of the lively district of the marolles, on the place du jeu de balle, flea markets are held every morning (the best day to discover it is Sunday).

You can find everything there: mugs, beer glasses, clothes, furniture, antiques, paintings, bicycles… A real paradise for bargain hunters that I strongly recommend.

Take advantage of your visit to stroll through the neighborhood (rue Blaes and Rue Haute are full of antique shops) and for a musical break in the flea market café on the square.

Sablon Antiquities

You can then go for a flea market in the chic Sablon district, on the Place du Grand Sablon. The contrast is striking!

Here the antiques are presented on stalls set up in the square and not arranged loosely on a blanket spread out on the ground as is the case at the ball game!

Place du Chatelain market

Place du Châtelain market

This food market is held every Wednesday from 14 p.m. to 19 p.m. and is very popular with the inhabitants of the Saint Gilles and Ixelles districts.

Rather high-end, there are mainly quality regional products (cheese, charcuterie, homemade quiches, fruit and vegetables, delicatessen).

Take the opportunity to enjoy a cork waffle to the sound of accordionists.

It will be an ideal break in your discovery of this district where there are the most Art Nouveau style houses. During your visit to the market, take a short detour to Place de la Trinité.

Opposite the church, the art nouveau façade at 92 rue Africaine will not fail to surprise you!

The Horta Museum, on rue Américaine, is only a few steps away. Take a stroll along rue Bailly, lined with chic boutiques and small tea rooms...

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