Malaga Tapas Tour with visit to Atarazanas Market

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Joel Fulleda

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Enjoy a relaxed journey during which you can discover the most unusual and traditional places, all located in the historic center of Malaga. Enjoy its people and its tapas culture, while savoring an excellent selection of traditional local dishes. All dishes will be interpreted by your guide who is passionate about cooking. Experience a unique atmosphere while savoring one of the most interesting and delicious cuisines you have ever tried!

Besides being a fun and different day trip, this excursion includes:

  • A welcome wine and a gastronomic guide
  • Locally marinated olives
  • Market stalls to taste and buy the best products
  • A visit to 3 restaurants with 3 drinks included
  • Tasting of many different traditional tapas
  • Score sheet for tasting different tapas
  • Guided tour of the historic center. 

Your guide will be able to explain the different foods you try and help you find the best foods for you. Have fun while visiting Atarazanas Market.

It's the perfect complement to a radiant day: an excursion to the Atarazanas market to taste wines, dishes and local products; the essence of Malaga.

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