Louisiana Money and Budget

Louisiana Money and Budget

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See the money and the budget in the United States.

Budget in Louisiana

The prices displayed (in restaurants, hotels, shops, etc.) are always without TAX, which varies from 6 to 14% in the hotel industry and between 5 and 10% in other sectors (restaurants, shops, etc.). Only museums escape this rule. In hotels, it will be necessary add the tourist tax and sometimes the resort fee and in restaurants, tips.

The rental car

The car remains the most convenient means of transportation in this united, and certainly the most profitable considering the time saved.
Gasoline is still cheap despite recent price hikes: around $ 2,80 per gallon (3,8 L) of unleaded gasoline.


Prices vary according to comfort (different types of rooms, 1 or 2 double bed (s), view, etc.) and, above all, according to the occupancy rate of the establishment.

To make you an idétout which can be imposed on you by room and by night and sensible to grant you the use of wifi, of the swimming pool if there is one or of the ice machine ... And often, it is the big surprise when it comes time to pay the bill!

- Very Cheap Average prices: from 60 to Chic : from 100 to Classier : from $ 200 to $ 300.

Le small dice $ 15 to take it outside.

As to car park, he doesn & rsquoville). Elsewhere, count from 8 in Orleans). The prices indicated are sometimes negotiable.


You can always eat cheaply in the United States, but that inexpensive rarely rhymes with healthy food! 30% more ...

- Cheap Average prices: from 10 to Chic: from 20 to Very chic: over $ 30.


In Louisiana, one entry $ 25 per person (rather, Orléans, your ears will hate you all their life if you don't take them on a tour of the jazz boxes. Count from $ 20 to $ 40 per evening for the most prestigious clubs, but only $ 10, or nothing at all provided you consume, for less chic bars offering concerts of very good quality.
In the rest of Louisiana, Cajun music concerts are often free.

Taxes and tips

See taxes and tips in the United States.

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