Louisiana Identity Card

Louisiana Identity Card

- Area: 125 674 km² Population: 4,6 million inhabitants.
- Capital city : Baton Rouge (230 inhabitants).
- Main towns : New Orleans Pre Governor of Louisiana: John Bel Edwards, member of the Die Languages: English (American) is the official language, French is the second most spoken language.


The American economy relies on absolute liberalism.

In this register, the United. As for Mississippi, it is the poorest state.

The economy in Louisiana is primarily linked to the activity of its port complex, the largest in tonnage in North America and the 4th in the world. Linking Baton Rouge to the Gulf of Mexico, obviously taking the Mississippi (the country's first inland waterway), the Port of South Louisiana ensures trade with South America and Europe, in particular by passing half of its exports. of cereals.
Due to its strategic location on the Gulf of Mexico, Louisiana is, moreover, a state fundamentally attached to the oil. It's the second refiner in the country, the first place being occupied by its Texas neighbor. It is also a region of extraction - on land and offshore. This shows the state's dependence on the crude economy (and therefore on price variations, which have been falling since 2015).

In another register but always grâUnis. Due to its semi-tropical climate, the State is also a major producer of sugar cane, cotton, sweet potatoes, etc.

Another important sector, tourism is one of the most dynamic, with more than 47 million visitors per year.

But it takes Orleans, 1 black man in 7 is either in prison, or on probation, or on parole.
In question, extremely repressive laws. But also the choice of the State, faced with prison overcrowding in the 1990s, to call on the local sheriffs to build new prisons, by paying them in compensation a sum per imprisoned prisoner, which they use at their discretion.
As a result, the number of local prisons has exploded, and to ensure their profitability, the sheriffs must keep them full by cutting as much as possible on the living conditions of inmates. The prisoners have therefore become real goods, wandered from one local prison to another, generating profits which allow the sheriffs to ensure their main activity of maintaining order. They can then equip their assistants with state-of-the-art weapons and cars, and then proceed to further arrests.
And, obviously, prison spending comes at the expense of the budget for education and health, which would undoubtedly reduce the state's incarceration rate, and therefore the income that results from it. ..

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