Louisiana Health and Safety

Louisiana Health and Safety


United, but extremely expensive, even to Americans.

No consultation me200 $ and we do not speak to you even patriation.

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Medicines and consultations

Preservation in the United States, in drugstores such as Duane Reade, CVS, Rite Aid or Walgreens (some are open 24 hours a day). If you are looking for Doliprane, the most common trade name is Tylenol (paracetamol is called acetaminophen).

Obviously, if this seems serious to you or if it concerns children, medical advice is required. You can find contact details for physicians in the “Clinics” or “Physicians and surgeons” yellow pages. Be careful, we repeat: private consultations are expensive!


- Whatever the United since 1999. It has the dreaded complication of 50% DEET, impregnation of clothes, even impregnated mosquito nets. You can get it in pharmacies or drugstores.

- Beware of alligators in the bayous, keep your distance even if they seem completely harmless or even dozing. These are wild animals that can wake up in less than two! On the other hand, the bayous water does not pose any sanitary problem (no risk of bilharzia and other diseases contracted in stagnant water).


No vaccine is required on American soil (except special situations, school and university in particular), but, like everywhere, be up to date of your "universal" vaccinations : DTPP and hepatitis B.


No reOrléans ! But keep in mind that the Promised Land has not kept its promises to everyone, especially in parts of the South.
Moreover, do not hesitate to ask the receptionist of your hotel. In principle, he knows his subject. If he advises you to take a taxi to a bar or concert hall a little out of the way, follow his recommendations.

Another nuisance (which has nothing to do with): mosquitoes, particularly formidable, especially in the evening in summer. The bayous of Louisiana are a particularly hospitable refuge for all the little biting insects.

It may sound silly to remind you of alligators are wild animals. Keep your distance if you cross one by the side of a road (and too bad if you did not take the picture)!

- In case of urgent problem, dial 911.

New Orleans, a dangerous city?

Poor city, La Nouvelle-OrléUnis in front of Detroit and Saint Louis. A consolation, the rate below, based on common sense, are also valid for most major cities in the world.

- The basic advice is not to walk alone on foot in certain areas outside the “tourist circuit” without knowing exactly where you are going. In the evening, avoid entering the streets with little or no light, even with several people.

- In a manner by car ou by taxi, never in the United States, unlike in Europe, a district completely changes its type of population from one block to another, simply by crossing a street. With us, the changes are more gradual.

- Day and night, avoid high-risk neighborhoods, especially the north of Claiborne Avenue (the part north of Tremé).

- Only take on yourself the sum necessary for your expenses for the day. Even in the Vieux Carré, always take care of your belongings. As everywhere, there are very fine pickpockets whose dexterity is matched only by audacity. The atmosphere is often so nice in the street that you can easily let your guard down.

- Also know that city ​​cops have a reputation for being tough. Don't be smart when asked for your papers. We are not in France.

- Last (especially if they are foreigners).

- In 1997 the Louisiana parliament passed a law condoning murder (under certain conditions, of course). If someone catches a person in their house or intending to steal their car, they are entitled to shoot and kill them (carrying a gun is legal in this state). Beware of car confusion, be sure of your own. Basically, it's the death penalty without trial ...

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