Louisiana Activities, Sports and Recreation

Louisiana Activities, Sports and Recreation

The bayous

One of mythical landscapes from Louisiana! An abundant literature (tales, fictions, detective novels ...) sings the magic and the mystery of these places.
But what is it exactly? A bayou is the narrow, shallow, muddy weir of a river. Its name comes from the Indian choctaw "bayuk" meaning sinuosity. These slow-flowing or stagnant waters, which are found mainly in Louisiana or south of the Mississippi, are rather hostile to human settlement.
- raccoons, hares, ibis, egrets, herons, cormorants, turtles, shrimps, alligators (who hibernate) and all kinds of fish However, one of the characteristics of the bayous is these trees dripping from Spanish moss ("Spanish beard" in Cajun), a sort of airy moss which clings to the branches of all trees (except willows), forming superb hair.

The "hectare) is worth between $ 50 and $ 000. Combining dreams, folklore, history, marriage of land, water, men, animals and nature, we will no longer be surprised that Louisiana calls itself "the Bayou State".

How to explore the bayou?

One of the great attractions of Louisiana is to Orléil having a boat or knowing someone who owns one!

There are roughly 2 ways toexplore on the water these bayous: the swamp tower andairboat tour. The 1st is a trip on a motor boat that can go from 4 to ... 30 seats at least. Obviously, the smaller it is, the less powerful the engine and the closer you will be to nature.
As for theairboat, it is a flat-bottomed boat that glides on water and on mud or grass surfaces, propelled by a sort of big cinema fan. We start cushy then we cover our ears with a helmet and here we go my cock, the airboat rushes the balloons, half on the water, half in the air. Not really green and often more expensive than the swamp tower classic, but guaranteed sensations, especially when the captain enjoys skidding in the bends. With some ados, it's an unforgettable experience.

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