Los Angeles Leisure & Activities

Los Angeles Leisure & Activities


Santa Monica

A natural extension of Venice to the north, Santa Monica is a small town that has been working for several years on the occasion of the arrival in the center of the Expo Line light train (which now puts Downtown LA at 50 minutes, even at hours of pointe): creation of pedestrian paths, car parks, shopping centers and green spaces.

Aussi reservice (paying) which invade the sidewalks.

Town. With the pier and Main Street, it is today the liveliest area of ​​the district.

In addition, the city has its own network of buses (Big Blue Bus), which connects it to Downtown, Hollywood and the airport.


Ocean Front Walk (the seafront, what), swarming and popular, is the meeting place of bimbos and marginalized. A market hirts known to be the cheapest in California, tattoo shops and trinket stalls), but it closes at nightfall, leaving the beach areas to the homeless. Better not to walk there too much. In the neighborhood, contrary to appearances, the warm fraternity is not always in order.

In the day, Venice, c & rsquobuilders seem to desert Muscle Beach, the open-air, sand-toe fitness center where Schwarzi used to practice in his youth.

By pushing a little further, between Winward and the pier (the jetétouche, sometimes of modernist style. See in particular at n ° 2509 the Norton House, astonishing deconstructivist construction by Frank Gehry (1984), with a studio perched on top of a On Sunday, the pier is stormed by fishermen, who, after wedging their rods in specially designed holes in the guardrails, watch for the sidelines by digging in their cooler.

Finally, Venice is also a handful of canals lined with charming houses sores, but above all Abbot Kinney Boulevard : an artery permanently connected to the "trend", a true melting pot of cool attitude. This is where most of the trendy boutiques, bars, restaurants and cafes of the bustling Venice are concentrated. A stark contrast to the not always glowing atmosphere of Venice Beach.


Northwest of Santa Monica s & rsquochemin between Los Angeles and San Diego & ndashset and stars. To give you a little idea of ​​Malibu's standard of living, take a look at the local shopping center, the very upscale one. Malibu country mart. Neither CVS nor Starbucks, but ultra trendy luxury clothes!

Beachfront homes are some of the most expensive in LA ($ 1 million to $ 10 million) but are often mundane in architecture. What's more, most of them are stuck between the sea and the road, poor people!

Among people who are on the beach: Pierce Brosnan, Steven Spielberg, Mel Gibson, Sting, Tom Hanks, Robert Redford, Dustin Hoffman, Bill Murray ...

The United.

For surf enthusiasts, this is the Malibu Surfrider Beach that the swell is the most regular. The Chumash Indians, who originally occupied the territory, had already baptized the Humaliwo sector, that is, "where the waves are noisy" ...

Long Beach

Long Beach is significantly less crowded than Venice or Santa Monica, and just as pleasant.

Pre 20h).

Seal Beach

Seal Beach is a small seaside resort on a human scale. Very pleasant with its colorful houses, surrounded by dense vegetation of palm trees, banana trees and traveler's trees. Its different neighborhoods revolve around Main Street, where most of the shops are located and which leads to Ocean Boulevard. Access to the beach is from Ocean Boulevard. Nice to go to the pier, built in 1906. On site, restaurants and snacks.

Paid parking 6 am-22pm; otherwise, park on the street. Main Street surf shops sell maps showing the best spots in the area.

Sunset Beach

The station is a continuation of the previous one going south, on the other side of the lagoon area. A little less easy to park, but much more lively. The beach is very wide there.

Dana point

A charming little seaside resort, with its typical architecture of wooden houses cascading down to the port. Very pleasant marina. It is from Dana Point that you will embark to go whales.

Sports and nature activities

It's on service, you can rent a pair and have fun all along the beach. The pedestrians move away, seen the crowd which rides on wheels. It's worth trying. You can also rent a skateboard or a surfboard.

Shopping in Los Angeles

Hollywood shopping

Tshirts and gadgets. Not really our cup of tea.

For shopping, the real thing, nothing like Melrose Avenue.

Shopping on La Brea and Melrose Avenue

Melrose is a long avenue south of Hollywood, which rises in Beverly and disappears into the swamps of the Hollywood Freeway. It is the shopping avenue par excellence. The shops on the corner of Melrose and Fuller are more quirky; vintage bohemia, the bourgeoisie bon chic bon genre and the punk generation rub shoulders with courtesy.

Between Fairfax and San Vicente Boulevard, it's much more select and chic, with boutiques from famous designers and designers. For pure vintage and the revival trend of the 60's, you can also go “shopping” in Burbank, or in general in the Fashion District of Downtown.

Where to go out in Los Angeles

Where to go out in Downtown?

Downtown is the new hotspot to go out at night ! Here the boîtes are often in non-standard places, such as old public buildings, warehouses or disused cinemas. Treat your look if you want to step inside.

Where to go out in West Hollywood?

As soon as night falls, thousands of revelers invade Sunset Boulevard around number 9000 (near San Vincente Boulevard and Doheny Drive). We come close to a trendy, noisy, seductive, sophisticated, even downright crazy fauna!

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