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    London walking tour discovering Jack the Ripper and ghosts

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    You will be transported to the dark and far more mysterious times of the XNUMXth century, when Jack the Ripper roamed the streets. Explore many places where heinous acts have taken place and enjoy this private tour of London through the case of Jack the Ripper and his ghosts.

    This is a private tour for groups of 1-15 clients.

    Departs outside the XNUMXth century Salir Dicks Pub, opposite Liverpool Street Station

    Join us in London on this out-of-the-ordinary tour to discover Jack the Ripper and the city's ghosts with a private tour. You will be transported to the XNUMXth century when London was awarded the safest capital in the world, before the fall of terror struck.

    Discover the infamous Whitechapel, the mental asylum of "Bedlam", which inspired Charles Dickens for his Great Expectations,
    the haunted train stations and the many ghosts that lurk there. Learn about the suspects in the Ripper case, including authors, artists, royals, butchers, barbers, surgeons and midwives.

    Includes a stop at a historic pub from the Jack the Ripper case still steeped in its past.

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