London cemeteries

Who I am
Aina Martin

I invite you to discover mysterious and dark London through the visit of some of its most beautiful cemeteries.

No, I don't have a particular taste for the morbid! You will see for yourself that these cemeteries are exceptional…

Abney park cemetry

Abney park cemetry is located in cosmopolitan Stoke Newington.

I challenge you to walk through this graveyard without shaking. There is an atmosphere of darkness there which ended up really frightening me.

It is half abandoned and the ruined tombs emerge haphazardly from tall grass and brambles.

If we add to this that there are only two doors and that the cemetery is a real labyrinth, we quickly find ourselves in a scenario worthy of a horror movie;

That is to say, completely lost in a gloomy place surrounded by tombs and mortuary inscriptions ("In remembrance of my beloved husband"...).

In the middle of this mysterious landscape, we suddenly come across an abandoned chapel even scarier than the rest…Stephen King would have been inspired!

Kensal cemetry

This huge cemetery just off Notting Hill is sometimes nicknamed the "Père Lachaise of London".

You can admire many family mausoleums, elaborate funerary buildings in the shape of an ancient temple, magnificent statues adorning the tombs… some of them are really impressive.

This cemetery is very flowery and many graves are overgrown with colorful daisies.

Apparently it's a very popular place for the inhabitants (often celebrities) of the upscale Notting Hill district. Hurry up to reserve your place…

Highgate cemetry

Highgate Cemetery is the most famous in London. It is here that Karl Marx is buried among others.

Unfortunately, you have to be very well organized to be able to visit it.

It is only accessible for paid guided tours which take place… once a day!

Take advantage of this visit to discover Hampstead, a real village in the capital.

From the top of the hill, one enjoys a magnificent view of London, well deserved after such a climb!

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