Lisbon, our 10 favorites

Welcome to one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, but also one of the most endearing. A vibrant capital, especially at night in the bustling alleys of Bairro Alto. Here are our favorites to discover a multiple city, with unique charm.

Tram 28 to Alfama

Take this legendary tram line which offers the most beautiful route in Lisbon. A real time machine through the districts of the city (Graça, Alfama, Chiado…). You can go up to Jardim da Estrela to explore the steep alleys of theAlfama.

District located in height, on the slopes of the hill of Castelo São Jorge, the Alfama has remained popular, with its picturesque maze of alleys, its vaulted passages, its small patios. We love this neighborhood.

Lisbon seen from the Santa Luzia miradouro

Located in Alfama, the Santa Luzia miradouro, a belvedere with arcades and a garden, offers one of the most beautiful views over the roofs of the old town and the Tagus river. A place dear to all lovers of the city, dedicated to the Order of Malta.

There are other miradouros in Lisbon, where to contemplate the spectacle of the city. We like those of Santa Catarina et São Pedro de Alcantara, in Bairro Alto, another district nestled on a hill.

Grilled fish and fado in Alfama

Still 100% Lisbon pleasures. Eat a grilled fish in a tasca, one of the typical small taverns of theAlfama. Go instinctively, letting yourself be guided by the smells, the atmosphere, the decorations. We like the Barracao de Alfama restaurant (Rua Sao Pedro, 16), but there are others that can satisfy you.

After dinner, go listen to fado, a kind of Portuguese blues that speaks of exile, disappointed love and saudade, to be enjoyed live in one of the clubs in the city. The Clube de Fado (rua São João de Praça, 92-94) is one of the most famous fado houses in Lisbon.

The treasures of the Calouste-Gulbenkian museum

Nestled in the beautiful park of Palhavã, the Calouste-Gulbenkian museum is part of one of the most prestigious cultural centers in Europe, the Gulbenkian Foundation, which organizes all kinds of cultural activities (concerts, exhibitions, etc.). It is renowned for its collections of oriental art and decorative art, but also its section devoted to René Lalique.

The museum being out of the way, allow a good half-day to visit it. After the visit, take a walk in the beautiful botanical garden of the foundation.

Futuristic Lisbon at the Park of Nations

Still on the outskirts, a different face from Lisbon, which emerged from the earth on the occasion of the 1998 World's Fair. You can fly over it by cable car to take in the measure of this futuristic district.

There are green spaces in the Nations park, pedestrian walks, works of art scattered everywhere ... but above all Oceanarium, an aquarium vessel placed on the water.

L'Estufa Fria, the cold greenhouse of Parque Eduardo VII

An amazing place, located north of Lisbon, which forms a true oasis of freshness in summer or a place to warm up in winter. You can take a pleasant stroll along the shaded paths, among exotic plants and rare species, to the sound of waterfalls or the lapping of fountains. According to Lisbon people, anyone who hasn't seen the Estufa Fria all year round doesn't know Lisbon. So you know what you have to do ...

Belém pastéis de nata

Take the tram to Belém, a district near the mouth of the Tagus, from where Vasco da Gama's glorious expeditions set out. The Belém Tower, built in the XNUMXth century to guide ships, and the splendid Hieronymites monastery remember that golden age.

After one of the great gourmet pleasures of Lisbon. Don't miss the Antiga confeitaria de Belém, which concocts the best pastéis de nata in the city. To find it, it's simple: when you get off the tram, there is always a queue in front!

And, by the way, what are these pastéis? Small round flans in a puff pastry and sprinkled with cinnamon, which are preferably tasted warm. It's mouth watering just talking about it.

An afternoon at the beach near Lisbon

The Atlantic is not far away and the beaches are easily accessible from Lisbon on foot, by train or by bicycle. The small (quite chic) ​​seaside resorts of Cascais et Estoril, 20 km from Lisbon, have their beach, in a holiday atmosphere.

On the other side of the Tagus, a huge sandy beach on the Costa da Caparica, easily accessible from the city. The various spots are served by a small train, which marks about twenty stops. At each stop, its refreshment bar and its atmosphere (family, naturist, gay…).

Feast on the Time Out Market

One of the best places to eat at low prices in the Portuguese capital. Under a sumptuous hall of glass and steel, the Time Out Market du Mercado da Ribeira (av. 24 de Julho) is home to many stands where all the prodigious chefs of Lisbon have gathered.

It's up to you to choose between a dish from Henri Sa Pessoa, chef at Alma, or Alexandre Silva who usually works in Graça at Bica do Sapato. No need to run anymore! They are all there, offering dishes between 7 and 15 €. Yes, yes, you read that right ...

Meats, seafood, cold meats, cheeses, pastry, everything is there. The little ones will have fun with their gourmet burgers, the sweet tooth will pass the head to the snack, and the amateurs of wine will snatch the selected bottles. Afterwards, we sit on the large tables, and we taste all this, in a joyful hubbub.

This is one of our most surprising places to eat in Lisbon.

Lisbon by night, at Bairro Alto and on the Docks

After an aperitif in a bar at Rossio, in the lower town (taste ginjinha, cherry aperitif), heading for the hill of Bairro Alto to start a night of madness, near the rua da Atalaia. Nightlife kicks off around 23 p.m.

Le Bairro Alto, is a kind of small village with cracked facades whose alleys, in the evening, come to life. Lisbon nights are very hot and have nothing to envy to the excitement of Madrid or Barcelona. This district is crammed with small restaurants, bars and clubs where trendy youth rub shoulders with alternatives and tourists. Going back down to the Tagus, the old red light district of Cais do Sodré now has quite a few lounge bars and trendy places.

For plugged-in boxes, focus on avenida 24 de Julho and Docks district (Docas) !


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