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Urban trekkers, rejoice! Lisbon is on foot. From Alfama to the banks of the Tagus, the Portuguese capital offers superb urban walks. And not just for the natural surroundings and the architecture. The streets of Lisbon are the backdrop for a constantly changing fascinating spectacle. Lisbon on foot is really… on foot!

The best way to visit the city

If there is a city that you really need discover on foot, this is Lisbon. Forget the car, because traffic and parking are not the easiest in the center of the Portuguese capital.

The topography of the city, with its districts crisscrossed with many alleys and arranged on multiple hills, lends itself admirably to walking. Lisbon is a city that is lived as much as it is visited and it is in its streets, where it is good to stroll, that she really gives herself up.

For that, you have to let the city come to you and contemplate the theater of Lisbon street. Linger in front of a facade, a wrought iron balcony, azulejos, take the flights of stairs, go down an alley (beco) or an interior courtyard, under a passage, or even stop at one of the belvederes (miradouros) overlooking the roofs of the city and the Tagus ...

"Lisbon is a city where you know how to take your time, this is one of its particularities" told us Anne, a Frenchwoman living in the Portuguese capital, who created the association Lisbon on foot.

According to this passionate about Lisbon, it is necessary to favor "a slower pace of visit" to "hear, breathe, feel" this unique city and especially its inhabitants. So put on your sneakers and hit the streets of the White City… You won't regret it, Lisbon offers among the most beautiful urban treks in the world.

A tram stop between two walks

A mosaic of districts with a strong character, Lisbon is quite extensive. Thus, to get to the Belem district near the mouth of the Tagus, from where the glorious expeditions of Vasco da Gama set out, you must of course take the tram or a taxi.

On the other hand, the central districts can easily be visited on foot. And if you ever get tired, don't hesitate to jump on a bus, or better yet, a tram.

Unmissable, the Online 28 offers the most beautiful course in Lisbon. A real time machine through the districts of the city (Graça, Alfama, Chiado…). You can go up to Jardim da Estrela to explore the steep alleys of theAlfama. Be careful of your belongings, however.

Neighborhoods to visit on foot

Here are the districts where you will make your best walks:


It is the heart of the “white city”, located in the shadow of the hills of Chiado, Alfama and Castelo.

Extending between the praça de Dom Pedro IV and the Tagus (magnificent praça do Comercio, photo), the Low forms a large urban rectangle with squared streets, rebuilt after the earthquake of 1755. Residential and shopping district, combining tradition and modernity, La Baixa is today the beating heart of Lisbon life.

Chiado and Bairro Alto 

From Baixa, you can take the lift to climb one of the Lisbon hills in the district of Chiado, one of the coolest places in town, with its shops and cafes.

Right next door is our favorite spot: the Bairro Alto, a sort of small village with cracked facades and flowered balconies, where working classes, immigrants and trendy youth coexist.

In the evening, the rua da Atalaia and its surroundings come into turmoil, and the neighborhood becomes the epicenter of nightlife.

Alfama and Castelo 

On the other side of Baixa, the hill ofAlfama offers a concentrate of Lisbon soul immortalized in cinema by Alain Tanner (In the White City) and Wim Wenders (Lisbon Story).

Dominated by the Castelo São Jorge, from where one enjoys a magnificent panorama on the city, this district, with the village atmosphere, has remained eminently popular.

With its alleys imprinted with the melancholy atmosphere of fado, Alfama is a sort of labyrinth evoking the North African medinas. Getting lost there, the better to rediscover Lisbon authenticity, is pure happiness.

Along the way, stop at one of the many belvederes (miradouros) overlooking Lisbon. And do not hesitate to extend your walk by visiting the neighboring district of Graça to explore local life. One of the highlights of your stay in Lisbon.

Guided tours with the Lisbon on foot association

Are you discovering Lisbon for the first time? Do you want to know more about the city while indulging in the pleasures of the walk?

We advise you to visit Lisbon on foot, an association of French guides passionate about the white city. They offer private guided tours in the most interesting districts of Lisbon (Baixa, Chiado, Alfama, Graça, Belem…).

Most ? These are tailor-made visits, the program of which adapts to your tastes and desires, allowing you to soak up the Lisbon atmosphere. The visit lasts approximately 3 hours, with many anecdotes about Lisbon and its inhabitants. An original, lively and human way to discover the Portuguese capital.

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