Limousin thematic routes

Limousin thematic routes


Medieval history is inseparable from Limousin.

  • The famous Richard the Lionheart gave his name to a tourist route dotted with many medieval castles and heritage wonders.
  • Of some only a few vestiges remain, such as the chahervix.
  • Others, on the other hand, still proudly raise their silhouette like the Bonneval castle - in the same family since its construction in the XNUMXth century! -,
  • and, above all, the superb Châlus castle, in front of which Richard the Lionheart was mortally wounded with a crossbow bolt.
  • And if you still want to go back to the Middle Ages, at the gates of Limoges, the site of Châlucet castle perched on its promontory is also superb.
  • Another stronghold, perched well, the fortress of Crozant castle, never taken!
  • A bit later, the Villemonteix castle  with keep, walkway and watchtowers. It has not aged a bit, and houses formidable collections of tapestries.
  • The castle of Boussac is populated by collections of all kinds.
  • State within State, Turenne  has preserved from its heyday a castle whose remains still have a proud appearance.
  • Just like the village of Curemonte , whose towers of the three castles perched on the hill can be admired from afar.
  • Without forgetting, for a complete overview, the towers of the fortress of Merle.

History has bequeathed an exceptional heritage, most often a pretext for superb walks with picturesque viewpoints. A great trip, and not only in time!

With family, with children

Toddlers and animals, it's an old love story! That's good, Limousin spoils them:

  • Cows in the fields, deer in the forests, jellyfish and sharks in the aquarium of Limoges.
  • Wolves at Guéret Mountains Park.
  • Tigers and giraffes at Reynou zoo park.
  • Canassons of compéPompadour.
  • Let's add the fun visit of the Limousine Park which presents black ass pig, lambs and calves from Limousin, the local stars, and we get a good safari!
  • Microcosm lovers will visit the City of Insects in Nedde,
  •  will complete the visit with the Chamberet Tree House where we learn to recognize trees by their trunks, the cry of birds and to decode the organization of a beehive,
  • before plunging into the bowels of the earth to marvel at the spectacular galleries of Fage chasm in Noailles.
  • Since a little reading never hurts, encourage your children to push open the doors of the Père Castor media library in Meuzac.
  • Or, not far away, slip in with them, during Aquitaine time.
  • Want to see the world (a scene in Feeriland, in Veyrac, result of the patient work of passionate people.
  • To stay in the miniatures, l & rsquoLéde-Noblat, houses a few electric trains to embark on a nice journey into the world of railways of yesteryear.
  • And, speaking of olden days, MéJulien-aux-Bois farms revive a medieval village,
  • while Domaine de Banizette back in the XNUMXth century, a period that saw the arrival of electricity in Bourganeuf, pioneer city: the Museum of Electrification, Water and Light, retraces this epic.
  • Finally, because Galant above the body of water, where you can also swim.
  • And l & rsquoPardoux and Vassivière.

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