Limousin cuisine, gastronomy and drinks

Limousin cuisine, gastronomy and drinks

Local products

“West, have known fame. But the competition meat cha, created milk which boosted the strong arms of the country.

- Soups: cabbage soup, known as bréjaude, a simple vegetable soup embellished with kale and sometimes bacon, is an ESSENTIAL of peasant tables. A very simple preparation that requires 2 to 3 hours of simmering. To consume with croutons of bread, noon and evening, summer and winter ... and to conclude with a chabrot!

- Chestnuts: in soup (the garbure), roasted (the jaques), kneaded in stuffing, boiled in milk or in pastry, the “poor man's bread” goes out of its way.

- Cold cuts: immolated Pig ”best in the local breed, called black ass - is sold in hams, black pudding, sausages, chestnut pudding (famous): everything is served there, from the poorest (bacon and lard) to the tastiest (Limousins ​​are ace du petit salé). Limoges, where the butchers had their street, with a crush on tripe, pig's feet, calf's head, smoked sheep's cheeks and tongues, and a veal and mutton sausage called "giraud". Corrèze feasts on Périgord: foie gras, duck breast, confit ...

- Mushrooms : the Limousin éde-la-mort, mutton's feet, oronges ...
- Mique, stuffing and millassou: mique is a kind of ball of bread, which is boiled in a lemidi broth), and, for the evening, it is cut into slices, which Potatoes and other side dishes: if the châLimousin, puff pastry in the Marche), stuffed with bacon, onions and smoked brisket (or garlic and parsley) and sometimes added with crème fraîche. A variant, known as bombazine, uses sautéed quarters with bacon. At the inhabitant (and in some traditional restaurants), taste the buckwheat pancakes close to the Breton buckwheat pancakes, say here tourtous, galéjous ... They served as bread and are preferably eaten with a good dish in sauce.

- B & oelig Fish: Trout, carp, arctic char, perch and roach swarm in this land of lakes, ponds and rivers. The carp is stuffed with bacon, trout served in soufflé, Creusoise (herbs and lemon) or Corrézienne (with pork belly, walnuts, garlic and chervil).

- Apples from Limousin: the varietyUnis in the 1950s. This did not prevent it from being the first French apple to obtain, in 2004, an AOC, before the European label AOP (Protected Designation of Origin) in 2007. It found here a favorite terroir. Plump, crunchy and juicy.


Caillade of cow's milk, cabécous from Brivois, gouzon marchois (the poor relation of camembert).
A curiosity, the Fondu Creusois: cow's cheese melted with a little water, milk and flour, in which we trample potatoes and accompanied by a plain omelet. A real main course, but we would have suspected it!


Blueberries and blackberries in the forest, walnuts in the orchards and hazelnuts on the hedges. Strawberries in Beaulieu and raspberries in Corrèze.
Sophistication points with the Creuse, cake of hazelnuts and beaten egg whites, and its cousin, the Corrèze galette (chestnuts and walnuts).
In the rustic register, the black cherry clafoutis (a glorious child of the country!), Which is renamed " flognarde When he loses is made from apples or pears.
Let's add it bouligou (a really thick pancake), the Marzipan (almond paste biscuit) and the last one, the trepai ("Three countries"). Born in 2001 from the imagination of several regional pastry chefs, this cake is made of chocolate, hazelnuts and chestnuts, ingredients symbolizing the three departments of Limousin.

The specialties of the Creuse

His classics: limousine meat well industrial; the pig, of which everything is exploited for a good local charcuterie; the potato pie with cream (to face the harsh winters!), rich but so delicious; and cheeses, of course. We should not forget the Fondu Creusois, which looks like a fondue, except that you don't dip bread in cooked cheese, but fries! To serve with a salad, all the same!

On the fruit side, the Millevaches plateau is full of wild blueberries which join in season our plates in the form of pie, jam, liqueur and even in soup. 


- Wines: anéles-Vignes is also undergoing a renaissance, not really cheap but so sweet with foie gras or a good chocolate dessert ...

- Alcohols: great ripailleurs, the fellows of Brive activate their transit with plum brandy and walnut liqueur from Denoix. Around Limoges, there are certain digestifs designed by the Distillerie du Center, with sweet drinks such as Fruitier, Feuillardier ...
Finally, in Corrèze, in the Égletons region, there are gentian aperitifs, such as Salers and Diège.

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