Languedoc-Roussillon thematic routes

Languedoc-Roussillon thematic routes

With family, with children

Children are spoiled in Languedoc and Roussillon.

  • Àsur-Têt, an astonishing geological curiosity: the organs, a natural amphitheater 4 million years old.
  • Budding scientists will be impressedLouis.
  • Technological feats at the antipodes of the 450-year-old man from Tautavel, which can be seen at prehistory museum.
  • Le Rousson's prehistorama in the Gard
  • Le Espéraza Dinosaur Museum
  • La Plain of Dinosaurs in Mèze in the Hérault

To play knight in the Cathar castles, head for:

  • Estagel
  • Quéribus
  • Peyrepertuse
  • Puilaurens
  • ... close to the sumptuous Galamus Gorge !
  • The medieval epic inevitably continues in Carcassonne  with a treasure hunt (box sold at the tourist office)
  • then at the Musée de la Chevalerie in Villesèquelande.

To dive into the bowels of the earth:

  • Le giant abyss of Cabrespine
  • - Limousis caves, less known but very colorful

Coastal side:

  • Go on a safari at the Sigean African reserve where the animals move between guarrigue and ponds, in vegetation reminiscent of the African plain.
  • In the Hérault, do not miss in Pézenas le Architecture and heritage interpretation center, very educational and free.
  • To admire the wild animals, direction Montpellier and lunaret zoo./li>
  • Au Grau-du-Roi, is the Seaquarium that we find ourselves eye to eye with more or less harmless fish!
  • Enthusiasm guaranteed at Haribo candy museum in Uzès !
  • At the entrance to the Cévennes, go and lose yourself in the extraordinary bamboo plantation located in Générargues.

Nature destination par excellence, Lozère attracts toddlers in beautiful animal parks:

  • Wolves of Gévaudan at Marvejols
  • Eulalie & rsquo bison
  • La Ferme de la Toison d & rsquoJean-la-Fouillouse
  • Attention athletes, the descent of Gorges du Tarn canoeing is a must!


From Gallo-Roman remains to the imposing Cathar castles that take us back to the Crusades through the masterpieces of Romanesque art, the history of Languedoc and Roussillon, rich and intense, does not date from yesterday ...

  • À Nîmes the arenas and the Maison Carrée, incredibly preserved, illustrate the influence of the Roman city!
  • It was to supply it with water that a huge aqueduct was built, the aerial part of which is the magnificent Pont du Gard, listed as a Unesco World Heritage Site.
  • A real fortress, the Count's castle Carcassonne, surrounded by ramparts, is the finest example of medieval military architecture.
  • In Perpignan, the imposing palace of the kings of Mallorca dominating the city is a reminder that it was the capital of the kingdom of Mallorca.
  • A fine example of XNUMXth century military architecture, the fortress of Salses was deemed impregnable.
  • At the Fabre museum in Montpellier, it is the history of art that we sweep from the XNUMXth century to the present day.
  • Mandatory passage in the alleys ofUzes, the oldest surviving duchy in France, and probably one of the most beautiful cities,
  • without forgetting the nest of Quolez-Avignon, facing the city of the Popes.

Roman art lovers, abbeys abound:

  • Saint-Michel-de-Cuxa
  • Saint-Martin-du-Canigou
  • L & rsquoMinervois
  • The abbey church of Saint-Gilles
  • Huguenot and Protestant memory in Languedoc is vividly illustrated in Desert museum in Mialet, in the birthplace of a camisard.
  • And for lovers of Quole- Château has not yet been drilled.


Nature destinations par excellence, Languedoc and Roussillon spoil occasional walkers as well as seasoned hikers.

  • Take your batGuilhem-le-DéJacques which is well worth some effort, rewarded by a swim around the Devil's Bridge.

Do you know the wine tour? These are walks through the vineyard. To find your bearings, consult the files created by FFRandonnée Hérault.

  • Seasoned walkers will survey the Pyrenees with their almost virgin nature, from Canigó peak or lost valleys of Haut Conflent
  • and highlands of Cerdanya or borders of Vallespir.
  • The massif offers hikers many panoramas, spectacular roads, gorges, torrents, passable paths, refuges ...
  •  And the GR 10 connects the sea to the ocean by boldly climbing the Pyrenees ...
  • From vineyards to castles, it is also in Corbieres that we will use our boots,
  • or on the towpath along the canal du midi !
  • For those who love the wild beauty of the Causses, the spectacular Circus of Navacelles reserve superb walks, especially along a path at the bottom of the circus.

Of course, hike in the footsteps of Robert Louis Stevenson:

  • The Gévaudan
  • Le mount lozere
  • The Cévennes valleys
  • A long-distance hiking trail in Velay (in Haute-Loire) at Ales  : the ideal being of course to follow him, like the famous English writer, accompanied by a donkey. Plenty of accommodation, obviously (and also for donkeys!), Along the way.

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