Kata Tjuta, The site of the Olga Mountains

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In the distance, "Kata Tjuta" seems to be a simple cloud escaped from the plain and one is often surprised to see it at some distance from the silhouette of "Uluru" without having really heard of it before arriving.

And yet it is really a mistake that this site is less known than "Uluru" itself, because the 2nd attraction of the Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park is perhaps even more impressive and magical!

"Kata Tjuta" is a set of 36 red rock domes that extend over more than 30km² and between which you can walk, and especially observe the incredible environment of the Australian desert for hours.

If you've made the long way to the Northern Territory and Kata Tjuta National Park, now really isn't the time to stop.

Don't hesitate to take an extra day or half-day to get to "Kata Tjuta", because you won't be able to regret it.

Less visited than "Uluru", "Kata Tjuta" is also much more intimate, surprising and pleasant to discover on your own.

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The "Valley of the Winds"

Beginning of the Kata Tjuta Parade

The "Valley of the Winds" is the most famous route to visit the site of "Kata Tjuta".

For 3 to 4 hours, you will cross in 7,5 km, about 1/3 of the immense site of “Kata Tjuta”!

No regrets if you find the course too short as the rest of the site is extremely sacred to Aborigines, and is therefore completely off-limits to non-Aborigines and Aboriginal women themselves.

It is indeed a place of the "Dream" belonging to the male mythology of the Anangu. Do not deviate from the hiking trail, which has been marked out within the limits of sacred places.

The ride is impressive the whole time of the course. You slalom between red rock domes over 500 meters high, steep gorges and splendid eucalyptus vegetation.

The views of the desert and the rest of the "Kata Tjuta" site are also extraordinary, especially at sunrise.

Australian environment

The whole site of the Olga Mountains

The "Valley of the Winds" trail bypasses the main domes from the north and offers an impressive panorama of the surrounding desert plain.

You also have a very good overview of the other part of the sacred site of "Kata Tjuta" and the arrangement of the red domes in the plain.

Apart from a small climb, with steps, of about ten minutes within the valley of the winds, the journey does not present any particular difficulty.

Just remember to bring plenty of water (a reservoir halfway through allows you to refill the water bottles if necessary) and avoid the hottest hours of the day to walk around the site.

Useful information

The "Kata Tjuta" site is located in the Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park about 30 km from the "Uluru" site. You can therefore get there by car from the entrance to the Park.

Far fewer people visit the "Kata Tjuta" site (and that's a shame!), but by getting there early in the morning, you're sure to have the best light and enjoy the site to yourself. Alone !

As for "Uluru", it is forbidden to camp in the Park and the only possible accommodation is located in the tourist resort of Yulara (3rd city of the Northern Territory!) in the Voyage Ayers Rock Resort.

This ultra-modern resort offers all types of accommodation, including camping pitches (with or without electricity) and bungalows.

Of course, given the influx of tourists, the rates are accordingly and it is essential to book at least a week in advance for the campsite and a month or two months for the rooms.

Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park Information

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