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Whether you are anywhere on the coast, it is impossible to escape their massive silhouettes by glancing out to sea: the countless ferries of the Jadrolinija company haunt all the waters of Croatia with their imposing silhouettes. Small or large, they are the only way to connect the islands to the mainland. An indispensable link to the proper functioning of the Croatian tourist season, they are also the only means of supplying the islanders, hence the importance that these giants of the seas play in the landscape of Croatian communications.

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An undeniable advantage of the Jadrolinija company, its omnipresence makes it a cheaper means of transport if you embark without a vehicle. It will cost you a modest 4 or 5€ per person to make a round trip to one of the islands close to Split or Rijeka for the day. No reason to deprive yourself of excursions that break the routine of a stay on the continent alone.

Major drawback of Jadrolinja: the company is still the victim of red tape that has nothing to envy to those of our national SNCF. The counters are often few, poorly indicated and the planning of the ferry timetables would make a David Lynch screenplay look like a story of the Smurfs. It is also impossible to book a trip for a specific time: first come, first served! It can cost you an interminable wait or even an additional island night in the event of a large crowd if you are with your vehicle.

However, these ferries are a pleasant mode of transport with their sunny decks, air-conditioned halls and modestly priced bars. Comfortable even if you don't have sea legs, they are a great way to bond with those who will be your playmates on the island of your choice. Talk to music fans visiting the many festivals that bloom on the coast during the summer… Atmosphere guaranteed!

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