Iran identity card

Iran identity card

- Official name  Area  Administrative capital  Population  Density Currency  Pre Supreme guide Language  Hope Religions: Shia Islam to People and ethnicities  Literacy rate : 93%.

- World Heritage Sites of l & rsquoJame) at Sulaiman Thaddeus, Saint Stapanos and the Chapel of Saint Mary of Dzordzor) Din at Qabus i-Sokhta; the cultural landscapes of Maymand (since 2015); the Lout Desert (2016); the Persian qanatt (2016); the historic city of Yazd (2017).

Human rights

Nuclear negotiations and political rapprochement with the West should not obscure the deplorable human rights situation in Iran. Far from improving under Rohani's presidency, human rights have "[deteriorated] in Iran" according to the UN. The UN special rapporteur said in 2015 that “Iran continues to be the world's highest executing country on a per capita basis”.
Increase in executions, practice of torture, media censorship, imprisonment of journalists and opponents, ban on independent trade unions and imprisonment of trade unionists, discrimination against women and minorities, including homosexuals who risk the death penalty ... The picture is very dark.

People have been sentenced to long prison terms for purely political reasons. Ill-treatment, torture and corporal punishment are inflicted during interrogation, and inhuman or degrading sentences continue to be inflicted.
Women's rights are non-existent.

The authorities impose codes of conduct based on a strict interpretation of Shiite Islam. Religious (Baha'e minority), ethnic (Ahwazi Arabs, Azeris, Baloch, Kurds and Turkmen) and sexual minorities are persecuted, tortured and imprisoned.

To find out more about human rights in Iran:

  • Amnesty International
  • CSDHI, support committee for human rights in Iran


The country has been strangled by the embargo for several decades. The oil and natural gas are the biggest source of income.

The government wishes to developaerospace et automobile industry. Renault and PSA, which were present in Iran until 2013, would very much like to return there, attracted by the attractive investment conditions granted by the government. Theelectronic petrochemistry and nuclear are also developing sectors.

THELivestock andagriculture are still present in the country, but not sufficiently developed - given the constant increase in the population - to allow self-sufficiency.

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