In the Bahamas, you can swim with the pigs!

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The Exumas Islands, an ideal destination for diving

After introducing you to Whitehaven Beach, Australia, today we wanted to tell you about another beach like no other, in the Bahamas. More precisely in the Exumas Islands where you can swim with ... pigs.

Where is this beach located?

Direction the Bahamas, therefore, and in particular Big Major Cay Island. We are here in the Exumas archipelago. The site is known to divers who come to put on their wetsuits to approach blue holes, sharks, caves and observe the coral reefs.

About twenty pink and black pigs

If travelers dream of the Bahamas for swimming in its blue and turquoise waters, they are probably less likely to think about spending a day with pigs. Twenty pink and black pigs in fact populate the island of Big Major Cay. Tourists can easily approach them and especially swim alongside them. The animals prove to be perfect swimmers.

These local celebrities have become accustomed to visiting humans, and are perfectly docile, harmless. Several theories have been put forward to explain the surprising presence of these animals. The most recurrent evokes sailors who would have brought them to this island in order to build a pantry, but they ultimately did not return. The pig family has since grown.

How to get to the island of pigs?

We go to “the island of pigs” (Pig Beach, not to be confused with the island of pigs in the Crozet archipelago in the Indian Ocean) by boat. Excursions are organized from the main island of the Exumas, Great Exuma, otherwise from Staniel Cay.

Tours dedicated to the observation of these animals

The main activity lasts a few hours and consists of observe the pigs from the boat and feed them. The island of Big Major Cay is indeed uninhabited and thus has no other asset, except the beauty of its waters. The tour operators who organize the excursions advise to bring bread or vegetables to feed the pigs.

The animals lie down on the white sand and do not hesitate to cross the turquoise waters of the ocean to meet tourists. Observing their easy swimming is already an activity in itself. The pleasure of the curious will continue directly in the water with a swimming session.

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