Identity card Venice

Identity card Venice

- Population: 54 in the center of Venice, 000 including the î Area: 800 ha for the center Number of tourists per year:  Activity Particular signs : the city Mayor: Luigi Brugnaro (é Change : euro.
- Language : Italian.
- Site listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site: Venice and its lagoon have been classified since 1987.


Vé hotels, restaurants, travel agencies, banks ... 25 million tourists on average per year, that makes a considerable source of income for Venice!

But the enrichment of Venice is not so much due to the money left by tourists as toappetite of speculators which keep increasing the price of rents. And, even though a few restaurateurs manage to do their job, the increase in rental prices has forced some of them to retreat to less frequented neighborhoods to give way to the inevitable big brands, the only ones who can. honor the rents demanded by the owners ...

Apart from this sector, the region lives thanks to the presence of the port of Marghera and the industrial zones that surround it. Petrochemicals, metallurgy, shipbuilding and mechanical industry are the basis of the regional economy. We must add the lace de Burano and the world-famous Murano glassworks, which alone employ nearly 6 people.

Tourism, a double-edged sword

If residents and the integrity of the city. First, the functional transformations of the central structures have led to a gradual depopulation of the historic center, which in turn has led to a drastic reduction in traditional craft activities: the city is thus losing its identity.

However, as a UNESCO heritage property, Venice must meet certain requirements of authenticity. Over the past few years, the World Heritage Committee has pointed out, on several occasions, the urgent need to develop protective measures concrete especially with regard to the passage of large liners in the lagoon, otherwise Venice would be included on the list of World Heritage sites in danger.

An alternative tourist offer

Today, more and more agencies, associations and cooperatives are fighting against mass tourism and its negative impacts on the city.

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