Identity card Norway

Identity card Norway

- Area: 323 880 km² Length: NEVER NOW km.
- Width : from 6 to Capital city : Oslo (650 inhabitants).
- Population:  Density Hope Change : norve crown Language : 2 languages Head of government: Erna Solberg, since 2013 at Chô rate GDP: 68 905 & euro Religion: lute Index of human development : 0,949. N ° 1 out of 181 countries.

- World Heritage SitesNottoden (2015) ./ p>


Classified employment (unemployment rate at 3,4%), short working hours, low inflation and household consumption in slight decline.

A well-managed pension

Le state funds is nearly 1 billion US $ (around 000 billion €) in 900. It is the largest investment fund in the world, invested in shares in 2019 companies located exclusively abroad with a value of which is growing by 9 to 000% per year. It collects all oil revenues for future generations. Its weight and its long-term investment strategy allow it to increase risk-taking in investments.

It contributes greatly to economic actors and the population. 
The low-cost purchase of many stocks during the stock market crash and the recent rise in prices caused this fund to hit record highs. He currently owns 1,9% of European stock markets and 1,3% of global capitalization. A real jackpot which represents 170 € for each of the 000 million Norwegians!

Reject and refuse those who manufacture harmful products.

In fact, voices are being raised in the country today for demand that the economy decarbonize and that we would do well to start with the investment fund. That's all paradox of a country that depends on fossil fuels, (oil, gas) while dreaming of a clean economy.

Norway is also one of the few countries in the world to reap more than it spends on foreign debt.

The only risk weighing on its economy proper is that of overheated, from which it is protected by a prudent monetary policy aimed at preparing for a soft landing of growth (although remaining at a level above that of the euro zone). Add to this the 1st place in the worldindex of human development and theoretically you have the ingredients for a bright future ...

But the petroleum problem has yet to be invented. 

A very advanced democracy

The French modèemploi is often cited as an example! This does not go, of course, without heavy tax burdens (around 39% for income tax, deducted at source!).

But the Norvédessus of a certain amount (around 1 Nok, or 250 €) ...

The deeply social character of the Norwegian is reflected in the institutions: constitutional monarchy classic, with separation of powers and multi-party system, but above all a decentralization real, which leaves local authorities considerable autonomy. Here, electoral abstention is very much in the minority. The Norwegian is a staunch Democrat, who feels concerned.

This civic spirit and these social gains are in fact the fruit of a long national will: the Norwegian Constitution is one of the oldest in Europe (1814).

We find this taste employees are positive encounters rather than incurable oppositions.
That said, if the country is rich, the economic problems remain: the level offamily debt is high, the bankruptcies are numerous and companies are more and more reluctant to set up there, because of very high charges and taxes.

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